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Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40mm Tactical Scope


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Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40mm Tactical Scope

Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40mm Tactical Scope features exposed tactical turrets built for dialing elevation and windage allow quick and precise bullet drop and wind drift compensation at extended ranges. When we say precise—we mean it. These turrets track better than any Bloodhound and reliably return to zero every time. A zero reset feature lets you re-index the zero reference marks on both turrets after sight in, while fiber optic rotation indicators integrated into the turrets provide a visual cue of your turret’s position.

Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40mm Tactical Scope Features

XD Lens Elements

Extra low dispersion (XD) glass increases resolution and color fidelity, resulting in crisp, sharp images.

XR Fully Multi-Coated

Proprietary coatings increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air to glass surfaces.

Second Focal Plane Reticle

Scale of reticle maintains the same ideally sized appearance. Listed reticle subtensions used for estimating range, holdover and wind drift correction are accurate at the highest magnification.

Tube Size

1 inch diameter.

Single Piece Tube

Maximizes alignment for improved accuracy and optimum visual performance, as well as ensures strength and waterproofness.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Constructed from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum for strength and rigidity.


O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust and debris from penetrating the riflescope for reliable performance in all environments.


Nitrogen gas purging prevents internal fogging over a wide range of temperatures.


Rugged construction withstands recoil and impact.

Hard Anodized Finish

Highly durable low glare matte finish helps camouflage the shooter’s position.

Precision Glide Erector System

Uses premium components in the zoom lens mechanism to ensure smooth magnification changes under the harshest conditions.

Exposed Tactical Turrets

The Diamondback Tactical scopes feature tactical windage and elevation turrets with Zero Reset making adjustments back to zero easy and quick.

Fast Focus Eyepiece

Allows quick and easy reticle focusing.

Fiber Optic Radius Bar

The patented fiber optic Radius Bar visually assists tracking turret rotations.

Magnification Rib

The raised rib on the magnification ring facilitates fast magnification changes in the heat of action.

VMR-1 MOA Reticle

The VMR-1 reticle is based on minute-of-angle (MOA) subtensions. MOA measurements are based on degrees and minutes: 360 degrees in a circle, 60 minutes in a degree for a total of 21,600 minutes. These angular measurements are used to estimate range and correct for bullet trajectory drop in ri escopes. 1 MOA will correspond to 1.05 inches at a 100 yard distance, 2.1 inches at 200 yards, 3.15 inches at 300 yards, and so on.


MOA measurements are very effective for ranging using a simple formula. To use this formula, the shooter needs to know the size of the target, or nearby object, in inches.

MOA Ranging Formula

Target Size (Inches) x 95.5 = Range (Yards) Measured MOAs

Using either the vertical or horizontal MOA scale, place the reticle on
a target of known dimensions and read the number of MOAs spanned. You will obtain maximum accuracy in ranging by calculating exact MOA measurements. MOAs should be estimated in 1/2s if possible.

Accurate measuring will depend on a very steady hold. The ri e should be solidly braced using a rest, bipod or sling when measuring. Once you have an accurate MOA reading, use the formula to calculate the distance.

Elevation Holdovers

Once the distance has been calculated using the VMR-1 or a laser range nder, the VMR-1 can be used for rapid holdover correction of the bullet drop. To get the most bene t out of the ri escope equipped with the VMR-1 reticle, Vortex Optics highly recommends shooters learn their bullet drop numbers and windage/lead corrections in MOAs rather than inches or mrads. Remember that 1 MOA will correspond to 1.05 inches at a 100 yard distance, 2.1 inches at 200 yards, 3.15 inches at 300 yards, and so on.

Since this VMR-1 reticle is marked in MOA, it is an easy job to quickly select the correct drop reference line once the shooter knows the bullet drops and windage/lead corrections in MOAs. If the shooter prefers to dial the come ups for bullet drop using the elevation knob, knowing bullet drops in MOAs will allow for much faster adjustments because the MOAs can be quickly read on the elevation knob.

Windage and Moving Targets

The VMR-1 reticle is highly effective when used for wind and moving target leads. Using the reticle for effective windage and moving leads will require a thorough knowledge of your cartridge’s ballistic performance under varying conditions and experience in reading wind strengths and target speeds. As in bullet drops, it is imperative the shooter learn their particular weapon’s windage/moving target corrections in MOAs rather than inches or mrads. Always hold the reticle into the wind when correcting for wind drift.

When dialing elevation come ups, the center horizontal crosshair will be used for windage or moving target leads. MOA marks on the horizontal and vertical crosshairs are graduated in 2 MOA increments.

Basic Moving Lead Correction

When estimating moving target leads, the MOA marks on the center horizontal crosshair can be used. Estimating moving leads will require knowing yardage distance, wind speed, moving target speed and total bullet ight times including ri e lock time. Bullet ight times can be roughly calculated based on fps velocities or a ballistic calculator.

Note: Correctly estimating moving leads is very difficult and requires considerable practice and knowledge beyond the scope of this manual.


Magnification 3-9 x
Objective Lens Diameter 40 mm
Eye Relief 3.8 inches
Field of View 33.7-11.3 feet/100 yards
Tube Size 1 Inch
Turret Style Tactical
Adjustment Graduation 1/4 MOA
Travel per Rotation 12 MOA
Max Elevation Adjustment 80 MOA
Max Windage Adjustment 80 MOA
Parallax Setting 100 yards
Length 12.5 inches
Weight 15.9 ounces



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