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AGM External Wi-Fi Module


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AGM External WiFi Module

The AGM External WiFi Module will help you connect your AGM thermal imaging system and transmit the image to your smartphone or tablet. In just a few steps you can transform your mobile device into a viewfinder.

AGM External WiFi Module Features:

Stream to Phone from Thermal Device

640 x 480 Resolution

98′ Range

Built-In Li-Ion Battery

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Compatible With:

AGM ASP TM50-336 / AGM ASP TM75-336 / COBRA TB50-640 / AGM ASP TM25-640 / COBRA TB75-640 / AGM ASP TM75-640 / AGM ANACONDA TC50-336 / AGM ASP TM50-640 / AGM PYTHON TS75-640 / COBRA TB50-336 / AGM ANACONDA TC50-640 / COBRA TB75-640 / COBRA TB75-336 / AGM PYTHON TS50-336 / AGM PYTHON TS75-336 / AGM PYTHON TS25-640 / AGM PYTHON TS25-336 / AGM PYTHON TS50-640


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