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AGM PVS-14 Omega Night Vision Monocular- Image Intensifier Tube Options

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AGM PVS-14 Omega Night Vision Monocular

The AGM PVS-14 Omega Night Vision Monocular is currently the lightest multi purpose night vision monocular on the market. It is created with new MIL-SPEC optics and an enhanced battery compartment. The improvements have decreased the weight of the device from 350 grams to 260 grams.

The PVS14 Omega has all of the features of a normal AN/PVS-14 but smaller. The device is equipped with a Full Diopter Adjustment Range, Infrared LED, Gain Control, IR/Low Battery Indicator, and flip up turn off and flip down to turn on systems. It can be used as a hand held device or mounted on a helmet or weapon.

It functions on 4 controls: one button for power on and off, one button to turn the IR LED on and off, and two buttons for Gain Control. The PVS14 is created with US made optics and is equipped with either a Gen 2+ or Gen 3+ image intensifier tubes. It complies with US military standards and runs off of One AA Alkaline or AA Lithium L91 battery.

AGM PVS-14 Omega Night Vision Monocular Features

Compact and light weight design

Manual Gain Control

Built in Infrared illuminator

Powered by single AA battery

IR/Low Battery Indicator

Head or helmet mountable

Made in USA

Data Sheet


Image Intensifier Tube Gen 2+ “Level 1”

Gen 2+ “Level 2”

Gen 3+ “Level 1”

Gen 3+ “Level 2”

Gen 3+ “White Phosphor”

Magnification 1x (3x and 5x optional)
Lens System 26 mm; F/1.2
FOV 40°
Focus Range 0.25 m to infinity
Diopter Adjustment -6 to +4 dpt
Indicators LED indicators in the FOV: Low battery; IR On; Excessive light conditions
Manual Gain Control Yes
Bright Light Cut Off Yes
Automatic Shut Off System Yes
Infrared Illuminator Yes
Battery Type One AA Alkaline or AA Lithium L91
Battery Life (Operating) Up to 50 hours at 20°C
Operating Temperature Range -51° C to +49° C

(-60° F to 120° F)

Storage Temperature Range -51° C to +85° C

(-60° F to 185° F)

Weight 260 g

(9.2 oz)

Dimensions 114 × 63 × 69 mm

(4.5 × 2.5 × 2.75 in)

Package Includes Head Mount Assembly, Brow Pad, Eye Cup, Helmet/ Head Mount Adapter, System Soft Carrying Case, Shoulder Strap, Lens Paper, Diopter Lens Cap, Sacrificial Window, Demist Shields, Operator’s Manual, Battery



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