Aimpoint Flip-Up Front Solid Lens Cover

The Aimpoint Flip-Up Front Solid Lens Cover was designed to slide over the front end of the sight for added protection. It is made of durable rubber with spring loaded flip-up mechanism and snap closure. Cover easily flips open and out of the way effortlessly when needed and closes tightly with a snap.

The use of the lens covers protect lenses from scratches and keep the optic free from dust and debris durning transport and storage. Its function provides fast access to rain free and clean lenses when sight is in use, once its open the lid stays up until it manually closes again.

Aimpoint Flip-Up Front Solid Lens Cover Features

Fits Aimpoint CompM4, CompM4s, PRO, ACO, CompC3, 9000L, 9000SC, 9000SC-NV, also fit the discontinued 30 mm sights models within the 7000-, 9000- and Comp series

Solid flip-up front lens cover

Cover flip open and stay in set position until closed

Keep lens dry and safe from debris

Protect lens from dust and dirt

Lens damage risk during storage and transport

Uses: Hunting, Sport Shooting, Home Defense, Law Enforcement and Military


Size L x W x H 23 x 46 x 54mm (0.9 x 1.8 x 2.1 in)
Material Lens Covers Santoprene


Additional information

Weight .1 lbs


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