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Ameriglo Classic Tritium Front Sights – Multiple Options


Available Options:

Ameriglo Classic Tritium Front Sights

The Ameriglo Classic Tritium Front sight is available with a white outline and multiple heights and width options. The front sights are available for all Glock models. They are nitride treated alloy steel that has a low glare.


ItemStyleCompatible ModelHeightWidthOutline Color
GL-112ClassicAll Glock.165”.140”White Outline
GL-112TClassicAll Glock.165”.125”White Outline
GL-112-150ClassicAll Glock.150”.125”White Outline
GL-112-180ClassicAll Glock.180”.140”White Outline
GL-112-200ClassicAll Glock.200”.140”White Outline
GL-112-220ClassicAll Glock.220”.140”White Outline
GL-112-240ClassicAll Glock.240”.140”White Outline
GL-112-260ClassicAll Glock.260”.140”White Outline
GL-112-280ClassicAll Glock.280”.125”White Outline
GL-112-300ClassicAll Glock.300”.125”White Outline
GL-112-315ClassicAll Glock.315”.140”White Outline
GL-112-350ClassicAll Glock.350”.125”White Outline
GL-112-358ClassicAll Glock.358”.125”White Outline
GL-112-365ClassicAll Glock.365.125”White Outline
GL-112-389ClassicAll Glock.389”.125”White Outline
GL-112-407ClassicAll Glock.407”.140”White Outline




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