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Ameriglo Fiberoptic Front Sight – Multiple Options


Available Options:

Ameriglo Fiberoptic Front Sight

The Ameriglo Fiberoptic Front sights are available in several colors. The stock height is 0.165″ but other heights are available to adjust Point of Aim (POA) or to match with non-stock height rear sights. The Fiberoptic elements concentrate ambient light and are ideal for bright environments. These front sights fit all Glock models.


Item Color Height Width
GF-165-105R Red .165″ .105″
GF-165-115R Red .165″ .115″
GF-165-130R Red .165″ .130″
GF-165-105A Amber .165″ .105″
GF-165-115A Amber .165″ .115″
GF-165-130A Amber .165″ .130″
GF-165-105G Green .165″ .105″
GF-165-115G Green .165″ .115″
GF-165-130G Green .165″ .130″


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