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Leica 1.8x Extender for APO Televid Angled Only


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Leica 1.8x Extender

The Leica 1.8x Extender was designed to be used with Leica APO Televid Angled Spotting Scope. Use the Leica Extender in conjunction with the eyepiece to allow for magnifications of up to 90 times. Thanks to this enormous expansion of the zoom range, observations are even more enjoyable. The bayonet connection has an integrated automatic locking mechanism, with which the eyepiece and extender can be quickly and securely attached to the spotting scope. The rubber armored functional elements and the comfortable rotating eyecup ensure excellent grip and observation comfort.

Leica 1.8x Extender Features

Largest fields of view even with 90x magnification

High contrast images can still be recognized

Enables magnifications from 45 to 90 times for Leica angle spotting scopes in conjunction with the Leica eyepiece

Quick and secure fixation between the angle spotting scope and the eyepiece


Magnification 1.8x
Lens Type Achromatic doublet


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