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Leupold RX 1500I TBR/W Rangefinder

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Leupold RX 1500I TBR/W Rangefinder

Get ready for your next hunt with the Leupold RX 1500I TBR/W Rangefinder. The RX-1500I uses Leupold’s lightning fast DNA laser engine and True Ballistic Range/Wind (TBR/W) technology to turn out precisely calculated ranges in the most extreme terrain. It also measures 10 MPH wind holds for most manufactured or hand loaded rifle cartridges. Versatile and easy to use, it’s perfect for anyone looking to gain an edge in the field.

Hunting moose in the Yukon or whitetails across a bean-field? The RX-1500I TBR/W comes equipped with the Trophy Scale feature to give you visual assurance of an animal’s antler width while ranging it. Just preset the scale to your desired width and the rangefinder’s black high light transmission LCD will display a set of brackets for you to reference on the fly.

All this functionality comes packed in a lightweight, rugged polymer housing that’s durable enough to withstand the rigors of a backcountry hunt or the heat of competition.

Leupold RX 1500I Features

Black High Light Transmission LCD

The black light transmission LCD stands out against bright backgrounds to give you visible readings when you’re hunting in snow, sand, or wheat-fields.

Line of Sight (LOS)

Line of Sight (LOS) calculates the distance to a target in a straight line, regardless of any incline or decline.

Rangefinder – Bow Mode

Bow mode uses the distance and the angle of a shot to calculate a ballistic equivalent to the target for more accurate uphill and downhill archery shots.

Rangefinder – TBR/W

True Ballistic Range/Wind (TBR/W) technology provides ballistically calculated ranges for extremely accurate shots at longer distances and steeper angles. It can also generate a hold point for a 10 MPH wind at a 90-degree angle out to 800 yards.

Last Target Mode

Last Target Mode ensures the rangefinder reads the farthest target in the laser’s path, so grasses and twigs don’t interfere with an accurate range.

Selectable Reticles

Offers a variety of reticles to choose from to fit any use or preference.

Trophy Scale

Trophy Scale generates marks in the rangefinder’s display, so you can accurately determine the animal’s rack width or height when you range it.

Extreme Climate Tested

Leupold makes sure their optics perform in the harshest conditions by subjecting them to temperatures ranging from -40°F up to 160ºF.


Leupold RX rangefinders are weather sealed for guaranteed performance in harsh conditions, from snowstorms to heavy rain.

Rain + Fog Readouts

Last Target mode helps the laser punch through moisture in the air to give you accurate distance readings regardless of the weather.

Product Manual

Quick Reference Guide


Magnification 6
Tripod Compatible (1/4-20) No
Rifle Angle Compensation TBR/W
Archery Angle Compensation Bow Mode
True Ballistic Range (TBR) No
Horizontal Distance (TRIG-H) No
Archer’s Advantage Yes
True Golf Range (TGR) No
Flightpath No
Prism Lock No
Battery Type CR2
Display Type High Light Transmission LCD
Length (in) 4
Width (in) 1.3
Height (in) 2.5
Weight (oz) 7
Objective Diameter (mm) 23
Linear FOV (ft@1000 yd) 315
Angular FOV (Degrees) 6
Eye Relief (mm) 14
Min Diopter (dpt) -4
Max Diopter (dpt) 4
Light Transmission (%) 65
Battery Life (Actuations) >5000
Accuracy to 125 (yd) .5
Accuracy to 1000 (yd) 2
Accuracy above 1000 (yd) % .005
Max Range – Deer (yd) 900
Max Range – Trees (yd) 1200
Max Range – Reflective (yd) 1500
Min Range (yd) 6
Laser Classification Class 3R



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