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Meprolight FT Bullseye Front Sight – Multiple Options

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Meprolight FT Bullseye Front Sight

If you are looking for speed, accuracy and confidence in a front sight for your pistol, then the Meprolight FT Bullseye front sight is perfect for you. It is born from the engineering masterpiece, the Meprolight FT Bullseye Rear Sight, the world’s smallest and brightest reflex style optic for pistols. The front sight is so intuitive that it will make you a much faster and accurate marksman. Its low height over bore single night sight design is powered by fiber optics to master the day, while premium grade tritium handles even the darkest conditions.

The Mepro FT Bullseye front sight was designed to fit standard holster designs with no adjustments, allowing the user to just install the sight to the slide and hit the range.

The front sight is dropped and shockproof, built for endless rounds under heavy recoil, and makes an excellent upgrade to the pistols we service like Smith & Wesson, Springfield, IWI, Glock and more. Their ultralight, snag free design is easy to draw and gives you instinctive aiming under pressure. This sight gives you serious advantage above all else, they are always on, always ready designed to make contact with everything you aim for.

Meprolight FT Bullseye Front Sight Features

Fast and intuitive target acquisition

Focus on the front sight

No rear sight needed

Superior visibility in all lighting conditions

Smallest optical sight in the world based on a patented optical illumination

Fits most existing holsters

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