Night Fision Gunsmithing Tool Kit

You are now able to install your sight yourself with Night Fision Gunsmithing Tool Kit. The kit comes with 5 tools. It features a gunsmith hammer that features a steel/nylon heads and a solid metal handle. The aluminum drift punch is for removing and installing dovetailed sights, and is built to withstand maximum impact with a minimum distortion. The oil stone is used for fitting dovetails and other steel gun components. A Glock font sight tool fits all Glock front sight screws.

Night Fision Gunsmithing Tool Kits Include

Item #1: Gunsmith Hammer

Features an 8 oz. weight with steel/nylon heads and solid metal handle construction
Nylon head for non-marring applications
7’’ L x 2’’ W x 3/4’’ thick

Item #2: Aluminum Drift Punch

Remove/Install Dovetailed Sights
Non-marring applications
Built to withstand maximum impact with a minimum of distortion
Harder than nylon but softer than steel impact where slight discoloration is acceptable
3’’ Long shaft tapered to (0.394’’ x 0.157’’) face

Item #3: Oil Stone

For use fitting dovetails and other steel gun components
Produces durable, smooth edges, and is preferred for close tolerances
Black Silicon Carbide Stone with 320 grit
Apply oil on the surface occasionally during use
3.9’’L 1.0’’W x 1/2’’H

Item #4: Glock Front Sight Tool

Fits All Glock Front Sight Screws
3/16″ Hex Nut Driver
Large Diameter Faceted Handle for Positive Grip
Length: 3’’

Item #5 Hex Screws for Night Fision Sights

3/16″ Hex Screws (2 pcs) with Pre-applied Thread Lock
Thread: #3-56
Overall Length: 0.105’’



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Weight .3 lbs


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