Proof Research 223 Rem Zermatt Arms Pre-Fit Steel Barrel

Proof Research 223 Rem Zermatt Arms Pre-Fit Steel Barrel are designed for Zermatt Arms TL3/SR3, Origin and RimX actions. The barrel makes it easy to upgrade your rifle or change calibers. Proof’s pre-fit Zermatt Arms shouldered barrels are easy to install. Simply thread it on, torque it down, double check headspace and head for the range. The 223 Rem Zermatt is available in several lengths, action model, muzzle thread, and contour.

Proof Research make their steel barrels in house with the exact same vow to quality and consistency as they put into the carbon fiber barrels. The drilling, rifling, and lapping process is identical to their composite barrels. They start with the same steel used in the carbon fiber barrels. It is a double stress relieved 416R stainless steel, a pre hardened chromium stainless steel that was specifically made by engineers in collaboration with rifle barrel makers to give the consistent, high quality and durability this industry demands.

* Barrels are specific to the action type/length and are not interchangeable.

Proof Research 223 Rem Zermatt Arms Pre-Fit Steel Barrel Features

Excellent machinability for gun drilling and reaming, plus an exceptional finish for uniform lapping

A solid micro structure which responds to heat treatment providing a uniform hardness along the length of the barrel

A great combination of high tensile strength along with the toughness to withstand extreme chamber pressures that happens during each use

Excellent erosion wear characteristics and corrosion resistance

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Part Number Action Model Barrel Length Twist Rate Muzzle Thread Contour Weight
115367 Origin Short 20″ 8 11 Deg Crown Medium Sporter 3lbs 1oz
115374 Origin Short 22″ 8 11 Deg Crown Medium Sporter 3lbs 4oz
128268 TL3/SR3 Short 26″ 7 5/8-24 Heavy Palma 5lbs 9oz
128275 TL3/SR3 Short 26″ 7 5/8-24 M24 6lbs 4oz
128695 TL3/SR3 Short 26″ 7 5/8-24 Competition 7lbs 5oz

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Barrel Length

20" 115367, 22" 115374, 26" 128268, 26" 128275, 26" 128695


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