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Pulsar 805 IR Flashlight NV Accessory


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Pulsar 805 IR Flashlight NV Accessory

The Pulsar 805 IR Flashlight is the perfect NV Accessory for your night vision set up. This compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport during long hikes. The low battery indicator is useful so you don’t become stranded in the middle of your nighttime search. All in all, the IR illuminators and flashlights from Pulsar are a smooth, reliable night vision device that will meet the highest demands put onto it.

Pulsar 805 IR Flashlight NV Accessory Features


IR Flashlights can be smoothly adjusted from the narrow beam to flood. Unfocused beam illuminates a larger area, the narrow beam ensures the longest possible viewing distance.

IR Spot Position

IR Flashlights allow spot position to be corrected in the field of view both horizontally and vertically.


IR Flashlights are equipped with a mount adaptable for Weaver rail available in most modern night vision scopes and optical units, in addition to hunting or sporting weapons.


After the IR Flashlight is on, an LED indicator lights located next to the battery container, when the batteries are low, the color of the light changes.


Rotate the wheel next to the On button to just the power. Adjustment on power and spot divergence angle help achieve the best illumination of an object in specific conditions.


Product Type IR Illuminator
Weight 6.7 oz.
Power Output 30 – 200 mW


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