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Sightmark SS2000 Tactical Flashlight


The Sightmark® SS2000 Tactical Flashlight is an advanced high lumen output flashlight small enough to mount on tactical Firearms. Equipped with Sightmark’s unique Selector Switch, the SS2000 cycles through three settings: 2,000 lumen, 280 lumen or strobe. Similar to its predecessor, the Sightmark H2000 Tactical Flashlight, the SS2000 Tactical Flashlight features three Cree® LEDs to provide brilliant illumination for even the darkest of situations. The SS2000 Tactical Flashlight features Sightmark’s patented glass-breaking bezel for breaking windows and self-defense. Constructed with type II MIL-SPEC, anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum, the device is built for exceptional durability, protection against corrosion and heavy recoil resistance. Included with the SS2000 Tactical Flashlight are: two rechargeable batteries, a battery recharger, a weapon mount, on/off push button, pressure switch and three color filters: blue, green and red. Green filters provide the best visibility in forest or jungle environments, while using the lowest light spectrum possible. Red light filters help to preserve night vision, assist with varmint hunting and assist users with reading maps in low light conditions without leaving a ‘white light’ signature. Blue filters are ideal for illuminating blood trails.

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Included in Package

two 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable batteries


3 filters (red, green, blue)

weapon mount

pressure pad


Batteries Used

18650 Battery Pack – 2X


Bulb Type 3x Cree T6 LED
Bezel Diameter 59 mm
Output Max 2000 lumens
Battery Life 2000 lumens 1 hour
Battery Life 280 lumens 10 hours
Battery Life Strobe 1.5 hours
Battery Type 2x 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable batteries
Finish/Color Type II anodizing
waterproof Rating IP67, 100% dustproof and submergible to 1 m for 1 hour
Dimensions 251 x 29 / 25.4 (mounting section) mm
Weight 20.5 oz


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