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Swampfox 2-12×44 FFP Kentucky Long Precision Series Scope


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Swampfox 2-12×44 FFP Kentucky Long Precision Series Scope

The Swampfox 2-12×44 FFP Kentucky Long Precision Series Scope features a monster zoom ratio of 6x. It boasts a first focal plane and glass etched illumination. Turrets are locking and zero re-settable. The first focal plane Sharpshooter MOA reticle pairs with 0.25 MOA per click adjustments. It includes high quality flip caps, 3” sun shade, and both low and high profile throw fins.

Swampfox 2-12×44 FFP Kentucky Long Precision Series Scope Features

Step Your Game Up

You demand great glass, a smart FFP reticle, and adjustable parallax, but that’s not enough. You want reticle illumination for low light situations, locking, zero resettable target turrets, and ton of zoom top magnification 6 times greater than the starting point. You’ll get all that and even more when you step up to Swampfox 2-12×44 FFP Kentucky Long Precision Series Scope.

Light It Up

Eleven brightness settings illuminate the Kentucky Long’s Sharpshooter reticles in red. You can make precision shots before the sun comes up or after it goes down, in a variety of low light shooting situations. Reticle illumination is powered by a single CR2032 3v battery included in the box.

MOA or MRAD Reticle

Kentucky Long’s intelligent Sharpshooter Grid reticle is available in MOA, matched up with 0.25 MOA per click tactical turrets. You can use Sharpshooter on any caliber rifle for ranging confirmation and elevation / windage holdovers, even at extreme target distances.

You Need The Fin

Swampfox include both low profile and high profile magnification fins with your Kentucky Long. Choose the fin height you like most and install it anywhere on the magnification ring that’s best for your setup.

Superior Optical Performance

Kentucky Long’s 6x zoom ratio stretches the magnification range in both directions. At minimum magnification you get a wider field of view, and maximum magnification is really MAXIMUM.

A Sharper View

Kentucky Long provides excellent edge to edge optical clarity throughout the entire magnification range. The fast focus ocular keeps the reticle sharp, while side focus parallax adjustment helps you see every detail in the target area.

Field of View and Eye Relief

You can mount Kentucky Long on heavy recoiling rifles without worrying about getting smacked in the eye, thanks to its forgiving eye relief. Field of view is fantastic thanks to the 6x zoom ratio and state of the art optical engineering.

Eye Box Dominance

The whole point of a high magnification scope is to see the target more clearly. But if you are fighting a tiny eye box and can’t get a clear view through the scope, you aren’t seeing the target clearly at all. Kentucky Long’s exit pupil and eye box characteristics are maximized at all magnifications, making it faster and easier to use than competitor scopes set to the same magnification.

Superior Glass

Like the Patriot, Kentucky Long’s glass contains rare earth minerals. Each lens is carefully crafted to boost optical resolution and brightness. All lenses are fully multi-coated for anti-reflection and maximum light transmission. The coatings also give the Kentucky Long glass its anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic properties.

The Fast Focus Ocular

Everyone’s eyes are different. Kentucky Long’s fast focus adjustable ocular makes it easy to keep the reticle sharp at all times, regardless of magnification level or target distance.

No Parallax Problems

Kentucky Long’s side focus parallax adjustment knob eliminates accuracy robbing parallax problems, getting your target sharp and in focus quickly.

Locking Turrets

No tools are needed to lock and unlock Kentucky Long’s turrets. Simply pull them away from the scope body to make adjustments, then push them towards the scope body again to prevent unwanted rotation. Once they pop down into place, your settings are locked down

Zero Resettable

After sighting in Kentucky Long it’s easy to adjust the turret markings to indicate your “zero”. Shooters who prefer to dial for windage and elevation can quickly return to zero at any time.

Precise Tracking, Tactile Turret Feel

Kentucky Long’s tactical turrets feature precise, consistent movement you can feel in every click. The Sharpshooter MOA reticles are paired with 0.25 MOA per click adjustments, and Sharpshooter MIL reticles are paired with 0.1 MIL per click adjustments.

Sharpshooter MOA

Sharpshooter MOA is an intelligent reticle that is easy to navigate yet always precise. Easily measure the size of objects viewed through the Kentucky Long down to 0.5 MOA to find your distance to target, then shift your point of aim and use the 36 MOA holdover grid to compensate for range and wind.

Tough as Nails

Kentucky Long is shock resistant to 1,100 Gs of shock, waterproof, sand proof, and pretty much gorilla proof. If you do break it somehow, no worries– we’ve got your back with the 50,000 Round Guarantee.


Magnification 2-12x
Tube Diameter 30mm
Objective Lens Diameter 44mm
Exit Pupil (mm) 8.9 (2x) – 2.6mm (12x)
Eye Relief (in) 3.4 – 2.76″
FOV @ 100 Yards (ft) 54.35′ (2x) – 9.3′ (12x)
Click Value 0.25 MOA / 0.1 MIL
Parallax Setting 10 yds – Infinity
Travel Per Rotation 60 Clicks/ 15 MOA
Max Elevation Adjustment 120 MOA
Max Windage Adjustment 120 MOA
Lens Coating Fully Multi-Coated/ Anti-fog/Hydrophobic
Battery Side mounted CR2032 Battery
Reticle Sharpshooter MOA
Focal Plane First Focal Plane
Fast Focus Diopter Yes, -2 to +2
Turret Style Push/Pull Locking Turrets with Zero Reset
Length 12.4″
Weight 24 oz.
Waterproof Rating IPX7
Impact Resistance 1,100 G Forces


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