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Swampfox Hostile Engagement Rings – Multiple Options


Available Options:

Swampfox Hostile Engagement Rings

The Swampfox Hostile Engagement Rings were designed so the user can easily mount any RMR cut reflex red dot sight as a low profile secondary optic to their main riflescope. There is no adapter, no hassles. The RMR footprint mounts at a 45 degree angle on each side of every Hostile Engagement ring. The precise matched rings are made from 7075 aluminum and hardcoat oxidized, just like the upper and lower receivers on your AR-15. The Swampfox Hostile Engagement Rings make it easy and affordable to mount a 45 degree offset dot sight on your rifle.

Swampfox Hostile Engagement Rings Features

7075 Aluminum Construction

Scratch Resistant Hardcoat Oxidized Finish

CNC Machined, Precision Matched Pairs

Integral 45 degree RMR Footprint Optic Mounts

T10 Star ring cap screws: 10 inch pounds torque

1913 MIL STD Picatinny base screws: 30 inch pounds torque

Diameter Options: 30mm, 34mm

Centerline Height Options: 1.10”, 1.60”, 1.93”

Which Ring Height is Right For You?

1.60″ Centerline Height

Standard height for AR-15 and large frame AR rifles

Places optic centerline at the same level as AR iron sights

A standard setup for rifles with “in-line” stocks at the same level as the receiver rail

Will work with precision scopes featuring large 56mm objective lenses

Rifles with stocks located lower than the receiver rail may need a cheek piece added

1.93″ Centerline Height

Super tall option now gaining popularity

A great option when you need to see over iron sights or bulky handguard mounted accessories

Faster sight acquisition in run and gun competition using Low Power Variable Optics

Not ideal for precision shooting from prone, a cheekpiece or adjustable stock will help

Not designed as “see through” rings, no co-witness with iron sights


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