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Swampfox Wolverine Glock Slide – Multiple Options


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Swampfox Wolverine Glock Slide

The Swampfox Wolverine Glock Slide are made in the USA and machined of 416 stainless steel with a Graphite Black Nitride or hand distressed Battle worn Gray Cerakote finish. The slide will work perfectly with Swampfox Kingslayer, Liberty and Justice optics. You can’t go wrong with the Swampfox combat cut, which fixes the rear sight in front of the optic for a cleaner co-witness and better protection for optic racking. Choose between the Steel City fiber optic iron sights or Swampfox’s custom Night Fision stealth tritium iron sights to create the perfect co-witness sight picture. Your custom dot-equipped pistol is easier to complete than ever before—with a little help from the Swampfox Wolverine.

Swampfox Wolverine Glock Slide Features

Back in Black

Limited edition Swampfox Wolverine slides are back and better than ever. Swampfox partnered with Steel City Arsenal to create a factory custom optic cut slide that pairs perfectly with Swampfox pistol dot sights. There are more options to choose from than ever before, but the bottom line stays the same– it’s all designed to work together.

Stop Worrying, Start Shooting

Installing a dot sight on your pistol can be a worrying process. Will the footprints match up? Is an adapter plate needed? Will the screws fit correctly? Will the iron sights co witness? You don’t need the stress of buying different parts from different manufacturers and hoping they all fit and function together. The Wolverine slide was developed to take out all that guesswork. Buy once, cry never—the slide, the sights, and the optics were designed to work together from the very start.​​​

Superior Construction

Wolverine slides are custom machined from 416 billet stainless steel. There is no significant weight lost, which prevents cycling issues. Texturing is intense, to improve slide racking grip. Hand distressed cerakote or slick black nitride coating completes the look.

Wolverine slides are made proudly in the USA. A striker channel liner is included, but you’ll need an upper parts kit and a barrel.

Picture in a Picture

Given that Swampfox Wolverines are made optic ready, we had to include iron sights. Wolverine slides incorporate Combat Cut style iron sights, placing the rear sight in front of the optic for a lower 1/3 co witness configuration where the rear sight never blocks your view of the dot.​​

Swampfox partnered with Steel City Arsenal for their tough fiber optic sights. If you are looking for tritium, Swampfox has also partnered with Night Fision to make a custom Wolverine night sights.

Swampfox iron sights do not come pre-installed.

Mid Height: Lower 1/3 co-witness with Liberty/Justice

Suppressor Height: Lower 1/3 co-witness with Ironsides Shield Installed

Stealth Tritium Night sights: 1/3 co-witness with Liberty /Justice, 1/5 co-witness with Ironsides Shield


Everyone wants an awesome custom pistol build, but only if it runs as good as it looks. The crews at Poly 80 and Steel City Arsenal are the experts at making that happen.

Wolverine slides are a precise fit for Glock OEM Gen 1-3 frames as well as Polymer 80 builds.

When you are ready to turn that Poly 80 frame kit into a reliable firearm that will burn down plate racks for thousands of rounds, Wolverine is the Easy Button. What else can we say– you’re welcome.


Slide Model​ Glock 17

Glock 19​

Compatibility​ For Glock Generations 1-3
Material​ 416 Stainless Steel Billet
Finish Hand Distressed Cerakote – Battleworn Gray

Nitride – Graphite Black

Optic Cut RMR Footprint
Dot Sights Liberty 1×22 Red Dot

Liberty 1×22 Green Dot

Justice 1×27 Red Dot

Justice 1×27 Green Dot

Iron Sights Fiber Optic Mid Height –

*Achieves Lower 1/3 Co Witness with Liberty/Justice

Fiber Optic Suppressor Height –

*Achieves Lower 1/3 Co Witness with Ironsides Shield InstalledStealth Tritium Night Sights –

*Achieves Lower 1/3 Co Witness with Liberty/Justice*Achieves Lower 1/5 Co Witness with Ironsides Shield Installed

Included Internals Channel Liner



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