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Trijicon Accupower 4-16x50mm Duplex Crosshair w/ Green LED, 30mm Tube


* Discontinued * 


The Trijicon AccuPower® is a versatile, variable-powered riflescope with an electronic-illuminated reticle. Featuring a high-quality lens system with full multi-layer coatings, the AccuPower provides an incredibly clear sight picture. The reticle illumination is powered by a single CR2032 lithium battery and has an easy-to-operate brightness adjustment dial with 11 brightness settings and an “off” feature between each setting.

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* Discontinued * 

The Trijicon AccuPower 4-16 x 50 gives that extra magnification to make the toughest shots. Feel the excitement of hitting that steel plate at 600 yards. Or get the peace of mind knowing you have your fellow officers back in a hostage standoff.

When used at 16x the MOA Crosshair reticle can be used as your personal BDC reticle. Set up your firearm and cartridge in a ballistic calculator and you know exactly where your holdovers should be with the 2 MOA tick mark crosshair. Alternatively, use the MOA reticle pattern to size and range your target.

The LED reticle illumination comes in either red or green allowing you to use Trijicon’s Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC), or to give you that added contrast to your target. Use our 30 mm rings or quick release mount to match your firearms platform.



Powered by a CR2032 lithium battery.


Eleven brightness settings with an “off” feature between each brightness setting.


All weather rugged construction protects against the toughest elements.


Multi coated lenses provide great clarity and light gathering capabilities with zero distortion.


Reticle size remains constant as magnification increases, which provides a more exact aiming point at higher magnifications.


Allows user to rapidly acquire target and apply correct hold throughout magnification range.




(10 ft.) Dry nitrogen filled to eliminate fogging.


Electronics warranted for 5 years from date of original manufacture.

“Both Eyes Open” Design

The ACOG can be used as a CQB sight when shooting “both eyes open,” utilizing the Bindon Aiming Concept (see below).

Bindon Aiming Concept

Human vision is based on a binocular or two eyed vision of an image. Traditional riflescopes present a monocular view of the target. This monocular view significantly decreases vision capabilities and makes it difficult to acquire and track targets.

Traditionally, “both eyes open” aiming has been widely used with iron sights or reflex-style sights, but use with a magnified scope was often deemed implausible. The Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC) is a method of combining “both eyes open” aiming while using a magnified scope.

Shooting with “both eyes open” offers several advantages to the user: better situational awareness, a far greater sense of balance, a wider field of view, and far less eye strain. These advantages aid the shooter in quick target acquisition and improved shooting performance.

Utilizing BAC

When tracking a moving target with your shooting eye through a  riflescope, the image appears blurry as the riflescope moves due to the magnification. This blurriness forces the brain to automatically switch eye focus and take in target data from the non shooting eye (non magnified). Due to the use of a highly illuminated aiming point in most Trijicon optics, the reticle remains visible in the shooting eye and your brain will superimpose the aiming point onto the non magnified target.

When the weapon is moving onto the target, you will not notice any magnification, all that will be seen is the illuminated reticle. Once you slow the weapon onto the target, the target will “zoom” in, allowing you to identify and engage more accurately if necessary. This aiming concept happens naturally, without conscious thought, for those with equal or close to equal vision in both eyes.

Finding Your Dominant Eye

In order to maximize the potential of “both eyes open” aiming, you must know which eye is dominant. To determine this, conduct the following test:

  1. First, OPEN BOTH EYES, and hold you index finger out in front of you line of sight on a fixed object.
  2. Next, CLOSE your non shooting eye and note the position of finger on target.
  3. Then OPEN BOTH eyes, keeping finger on target.
  4. Finally, CLOSE opposite eye and note position of finger on target.

If your finger or aiming point does NOT move, that is your dominant eye. If your finger or aiming point moves off target at a great distance, your OTHER eye is dominant.


Magnification 4 to 16x
Objective Size 50 mm
Bullet Drop Compensator No
Weight 23.3 oz (660 g)
Illumination Source 1 CR2032 Lithium Battery
Reticle Pattern Duplex Crosshair
Day Reticle Color Green
Night Reticle Color Green
Bindon Aiming Concept Yes
Eye Relief 3.6–3.7 in (92 – 93 mm)
Exit Pupil 0.37–0.12 in (9.3–3.1 mm)
FOV (Degrees) 4.9°-1.2°
FOV @ 100 yards 25.8–6.4 ft (8.6–2.1 m @ 100 m)
Adjustment @ 100 yards (clicks per in) 1/4 MOA per Click
Tube Size 30 mm
Housing Material 6061-T6 Black Hard Coat Anodized
Battery Life >31 hours at max Brightness
Focal Plane Second
Adjustment Range 80 MOA Total Travel 23.7 MIL Total Travel
Waterproof 10 ft (3 m)
Parallax Adjustment Range 10 yds to Infinity

Package Includes

Trijicon Logo Sticker (PR15)

Lens Cloth

Set of Lens Caps


Warranty Card


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