Trijicon Bright & Tough Suppressor Night Sight Set

Fits Sig Sauer models calibrated for 9mm and .357SIG, including P225, P226, P228, P239, and P320 (Excluding P938).

Trijicon Bright & Tough Suppressor Night Sights are three dot tritium iron sights that allow shooters the ability to line up their sights in both bright and low light situations. While standard height sights do not provide an aiming solution when using a suppressed firearm; the additional height of suppressor night sights will clear the added height of a suppressor, allowing shooters the ability to line up their sights on target. Additionally, suppressor night sights can be used as back up iron sights with the Trijicon RMR. Green lamps are warranted for 12 years from the date of manufacture.

Bright & Tough Suppressor Night Sight Set Features

Increased Height to Accommodate Multiple Shooting Applications

Specifically engineered to be as robust as possible while still allowing use with a suppressor or as backup iron sights for a slide mounted red dot sight, such as the Trijicon RMR.

Instantly Visible Sight Picture in No Light and Low Light Situations

Tritium phosphor filled glass lamp provides battery free glow, allowing for a visible sight picture in all lighting situations.

Increased Daylight Dot Visibility

White painted rings around tritium lamps enhance user’s ability to see sight picture in bright light shooting situations.

Enhanced Protection from Heavy Recoil and Harsh Cleaning Solvents

Tritium gas lamps are contained within protective aluminum cylinders and have additional silicone rubber cushioning.

Evenly Distributed Light from Tritium Lamps

Each Trijicon tritium lamp is capped with a sapphire jewel that helps evenly distribute the light from the lamp and also acts as an additional layer of protection from puncture and cleaning solvents.



Fits Make Sig Sauer
Fits Model P225, P226, P228, P239, and P320 (Excluding P938).
Front Lamp Color Green
Rear Lamp Color Green
Front Paint Color White
Rear Paint Color White
Front Blade Width 0.14 in. (3.55 mm)
Front Blade Height 0.36 in. (9.14 mm)
Overall Front Blade Height 0.4235 in. (10.75 mm)
Rear Notch Style Square Notch
Rear Notch Width 0.15 in. (3.8 mm)
Rear Blade Height 0.353 in. (8.96 mm)
Overall Rear Height 0.444 in. (11.27 mm)

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