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Trijicon Ventus

Will be available second half of 2021. 

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Trijicon Ventus

The Trijicon Ventus is the World’s First Handheld Device with Advanced Wind Mapping and Range Detection. Powered by WindPro Technology, the Trijicon Ventus gives shooters and hunters the previously unattainable data about their settings to help long range accuracy. The Ventus is made with a Doppler LIDAR engine that can measure headwind, tailwind, crosswind and vertical wind components at six different distances in front of the user. In any setting. The Trijicon Ventus can measure three dimensional wind velocities at different distances up to 500 yards in front of you and range real world targets up to 5,000 yards for accurate shooting at extreme distances.

Trijicon Ventus Features

Know the Wind Downrange

Advanced Doppler LIDAR engine measures three dimensional wind velocities at different distances in front of you and above your line of sight where the bullet will go.

Unmatched Situational Awareness

Shooter and target locations are stored for future reference when using the Trijicon Ballistics app.

Extreme All Weather Performance

Collimated fiber optic laser is capable of up to 5,000 yard returns through dust, fog, sleet and snow.

Simple, Intuitive Controls

Over sized buttons and a simple menu interface for easy use.

Long Range Target Recognition

9 x optical magnification and center cross dot reticle for target acquisition at longer ranges.

Ergonomic Diopter Ring

Easy to adjust ring helps anyone with prescription.

Tested to Mil-Std-810G Standards

Advanced polymer housing & scratch resistant lenses.

Outstanding Battery Life

Powered by 2 rechargeable lithium 18650 batteries.

Extreme Technology. Maximum Control.

Particulates in the air reflect laser energy back to the detector.

The wavelength of the returning laser energy shifts due to particulate motion (Doppler Effect).

The system measures three dimensional wind velocities at various distances in front of the shooter by measuring the Doppler shift of returning laser energy.

Collimated lasers don’t experience the divergence of traditional lasers, so more energy is returned to the detector for improved long range performance and operation through anything like fog, dust, and sand.

The Trijicon Ventus is the ultimate tool for advanced, long range shooting in any setting.

The Trijicon Ventus comes in two models: Ventus and Ventus X. In addition to the downrange wind and extreme ranging performance of the Ventus, the Ventus X adds a state of the art ballistics solver. An on board sensor suite captures all necessary data range, wind, atmospheric temperature, stratospheric pressure, and incline angle to give a better first round hit probability to hunters.

The Trijicon Ventus X also goes through via Bluetooth to the advanced Trijicon Ballistic app. The app gives you the expanded capability such as geo-location, wind maps, range tables, and reticle holdover views.

Trijicon Ballistics Calculator App

iOS and Android Compatible

Seamless Bluetooth Integration with Ventus X

See Wind Map Overlay of Readings

Remotely Fire the Ventus X from the App

Gives Ballistic Solution on Trijicon reticle with the App

Save Up to 1,000 Ventus X Readings within the App

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