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Viridian C5L Laser/Light Combo w/ Tacloc Holster – Fits Glock 17/19/22/23


The Viridian C5L green laser + tactical light is so tiny, it tucks neatly between trigger guard and muzzle, with no overhang, and will work with virtually any railed gun. This C5L features a green laser (50 x brighter than traditional red) that is visible in day or night with multiple modes of operation and easy windage/elevation adjustment.

The C5L features a 100 lumen tactical light with CREE LED in constant and strobe modes. It comes standard with RADIANCE® taclight technology, which expands light into a wider beam, revealing over twice the horizontal area of conventional tactical lights. With no wasted light above or below your target area, you get a better picture, faster discovery, smoother tracking and more positive targeting than any other weapon-mounted tool

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Viridian green laser sights utilize a 510-532nm wavelength range near the center of the visible spectrum, creating an intense targeting dot that is up to 50x brighter than conventional red laser sights. Viridian green laser sights are visible at all times, under all conditions and effective at distances no ordinary laser can achieve indoors or outdoors.


Viridian C-Series – World’s only subcompact weapon

mountable green laser!


And amazingly…the Viridian C5L also incorporates a 100 lumen tactical light. In fact the Viridian C5L is so tiny, it tucks neatly between trigger guard and muzzle, with no overhang, and will work with virtually any railed gun.  

Carry optimum visibility, maximum deterrence and total effectiveness into any situation with our C Series™.


Range: 100 yards in daylight/2 miles at night

Lumen: 100 lumen constant/140 lumen strobe

Laser: 5 mW/510-532nm

Battery Life: 4+ hours constant, 7+ hours strobing, 60 minutes laser + light

Adjustable: Windage/elevation

Activation: Automatic activation with INSTANT-ON®/user defined operating modes

7 Year limited warranty

Paired with the TACLOC holster, your Viridian C or X SERIES®Gen 2 laser/tactial light ignites the instant you draw. No delay, no fumbling with buttons, just more rounds on target in any situation. INSTANT-ON® is the ultimate combat-ready carry system. When you draw, it’s on™.

A threat can arise in an instant. You can react just as fast. The split-second you draw, INSTANT-ON (formerly known as Enhanced Combat Readiness – ECR) system ignites the brilliant green laser and/or taclight — targeting, blinding, intimidating in one reflex-fast move. Suddenly you’ve got the advantage.

With INSTANT-ON now part of every universal Viridian laser and new TacLoc holster, you can achieve an inhumanly fast response to a crisis. Just pre-set the Viridian laser/taclight mode, slide your gun into your TacLoc holster, and the INSTANT-ON system is armed and ready. The instant gun leaves holster, the laser fires a brilliant beam that cuts through daylight or darkness as fast as you can draw.

With virtually unlimited laser and/or taclight modes, a wide range of TacLoc holsters, and the breakthrough INSTANT-ON system, Viridian has elevated combat readiness to a whole new level. Draw-and-activate is obsolete. Partner up with INSTANT-ON and get the drop on evil.

The Viridian C Series, X Series (excluding RS), and REACTOR Series are equipped with INSTANT-ON technology and activate when drawn from our Tacloc holsters.






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