Viridian red laser sights utilize a 635-650nm laser wavelength range to generate the brightest, sharpest red dot possible, for more positive targeting, higher accuracy and stronger intimidation in situations where lesser lasers may fail.

Viridian X Series™ – Big Surprise for Bad Guys.

The lean X5L-R fits your full-sized pistol as tight as a tattoo, arming you with Elite Red™ laser precision and weapon- mounted taclight illumination for clear, positive targeting. With ECR™ instant activation and an arsenal of custom laser and taclight modes, this is the system of choice for those who prefer red lasers.


Range: 25 yards in daylight/1 mile at night

Lumen: 100 lumens constant and 140 lumens strobe

Laser: 5 mW/635-650 nm

Battery Life: 20+ hours constant, 35+ hours strobing, 75 minutes laser + light

Adjustable: Windage/elevation

Activation: Automatic activation with INSTANT-ON®/user defined operating modes

7 Year limited warranty


Paired with the TACLOC holster, your Viridian C or X SERIES®Gen 2 laser/tactial light ignites the instant you draw. No delay, no fumbling with buttons, just more rounds on target in any situation. INSTANT-ON® is the ultimate combat-ready carry system. When you draw, it’s on™.

Threat can arise in an instant. You can react just as fast. The split-second you draw, INSTANT-ON (formerly known as Enhanced Combat Readiness – ECR) system ignites the brilliant green laser and/or taclight — targeting, blinding, intimidating in one reflex-fast move. Suddenly you’ve got the advantage.

With INSTANT-ON now part of every universal Viridian laser and new TacLoc holster, you can achieve inhumanly fast response to crisis. Just pre-set the Viridian laser/taclight mode, slide your gun into your TacLoc holster, and the INSTANT-ON system is armed and ready. The instant gun leaves holster, the laser fires a brilliant beam that cuts through daylight or darkness as fast as you can draw.

With virtually unlimited laser and/or taclight modes, a wide range of TacLoc holsters, and the breakthrough INSTANT-ON system, Viridian has elevated combat readiness to a whole new level. Draw-and-activate is obsolete. Partner up with INSTANT-ON and get the drop on evil.

The Viridian C Series, X Series (excluding RS), and REACTOR Series are equipped with INSTANT-ON technology and activate when drawn from our Tacloc holsters.


AdjustableHolsters, Mounts, Windage/Elevation
ApplicationConceal and Carry, Law Enforcement, Military, Self-defense
Batt. Life (constant)20 Hours
Batt. Life (strobe)35 Hours
Batt. Life (Light & Laser)75 Minutes
Battery TypeCR2
Built forUniversal
Holster Combo Pack AvailableYes
Laser ColorRed
LED Light ColorWhite
Lumens (constant)100
MaterialHigh Strength Thermo Molded Polymer
OpticsLaser/Light Combo
Radiance Combat OpticsYes
Range2 miles
Strobing EffectYes
Warranty Length7 years


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Weight0.3 lbs


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