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Viridian X5L Universal Green Laser/Light Combo


Viridian X Series™ – Big Surprise for Bad Guys.


Introducing the leanest, brightest, tightest X5L, ramped up to evaporate darkness, subdue opponents and optimize a full-sized pistol like nothing else. The blinding 224 lumen taclight is bigger and brighter, with beam intensity and explosive strobe that give aggressors nowhere to hide. The brilliant Viridian green laser is visible day or night, indoors and out. The leaner, aluminum-body profile fits your pistol as tight as a tattoo. An arsenal of custom modes lets you pre-program your tactics, then adjust on the fly to keep the advantage on your side. You put a lot of thought, time and training into mastering your skill with weapons and tactics. The ultimate X5L makes sure it pays off when it counts.

VIRIDIAN GREEN® LASERS utilize a precise 532nm wavelength that is near the center of the visible spectrum, creating an optimum targeting dot that’s up to 50x brighter than conventional red, visible at all times, under all conditions, and effective at distances no ordinary laser can achieve indoors or outdoors.

*NEW X5L (Gen 2) units with serial numbers X002830 or higher are ECR capable.

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  • BEAM INTENSITY/WAVELENGTH5mW peak, 532nm, Class IIIa, Continuous wave
  • LASER BEAM DIVERGENCE/SPOT SIZE/RANGE1.2 mrad, approx. 0.5″ at 50 feet. Up to 100 yards daylight, 2 miles at night
  • DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT/CONSTRUCTION2.84″L x 1.37″H x 1.45″ W, 3.3 oz. (including battery), primarily 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, front and rear covers in high strength Zytel(R) polymer
  • USER ADJUSTABLEEasy to use windage and elevation adjustments on laser
  • POWER SOURCE/BATTERY LIFE6+ hours of constant laser runtime, 10+ hours of pulsing laser runtime, 60 minutes of laser and light runtime. Unit runs on one CR123A 3v lithium (included).
  • TACTICAL LIGHT OUTPUT178 lumens on continuous, 224 lumens on strobe mode
  • ACTIVATION AND MODESAmbidextrous activation and infinite amount of custom operating modes (user can customize laser pulse rate, tactical light strobe rate and light output).
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING SYSTEMModular rail set included with unit allows quick mounting to virtually all railed handguns and rifles



During the Day
Which is more visible to you? On the left we see a traditional red laser sight, compared to the green Viridian in broad daylight. The lasers were at a distance of 25 feet from the wall.
During the Day
At Night
On the left you can see how visible the beam can actually get during dark or dimmer conditions.
At Night
Overcast, In the woods
Shown to the left is an additional day shot, which again shows the dramatic difference.
Overcast, In the woods

Why Green Lasers are More Visible

Green is closer to the center of the visible spectrum, at 532 Nanometers, so it’s easier for our eyes to perceive the color vs. a red laser at 635 Nanometers. In fact, a green laser can appear as much as 50 times brighter than the red equivalent and as can be seen from the below charts 532 nm is the ideal wavelength to maximize visibility during day or night.

The Visisble Spectrum        Photopic Curve
  • In Daytime Conditions the human eye has maximum sensitivity
    at the 555 nm wavelength
  • In Nighttime Conditions the human eye has maximum sensitivity
    of 512 nm wavelength



Viridian Green Lasers are the only laser sights available equipped with SMARTLASER Technology. SMARTLASER Technology was developed in conjunction with local Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams to offer the most versatility and functionality ever before seen in a laser sight.

This Technology Features:

Four separate, unique modes of operation
The tactical teams wanted it… Now you can have it… Separate modes allow for individual laser recognition in tactical team situations. The 4 modes consist of 1 constant beam mode and 3 pulsing modes. You can always easily change modes while your Viridian is on so that you can quickly and effortlessly select a unique aiming point. Your Viridian green laser sight will remember your mode selection for your next use.

The four laser modes are:

  • Constant (Constant Beam)
  • Low Speed Pulse (5 Pulses per second)
  • Medium Speed Pulse (7 Pulses per second)
  • High Speed Pulse (10 Pulses per second)

Constant beam mode will always give you the maximum visibility; however, using one of the three pulsing modes will maximize battery life. Battery life will increase from approximately 4+ hours to 7+ hours in the pulsing modes.

Automatic power shut down
In the event the Viridian is accidentally left on, it will shut down in approximately 10 minutes after a brief warning period. If you wish to keep the power on, simply press either button. This will reset the power down timer.

Low-Battery indicator
Once battery power reaches a low level, the Viridian will blink once approximately every 10 seconds. The low battery indicator can be affected by temperature extremes or by using a battery other than those recommended by the manufacturer.



Why a Laser Sight?

Laser Sights are an Effective Deterrent

For those that like having a handgun for protection a green laser is an amazing deterrent and can prevent the need for deadly fire in a self-defense situation. For example, in the confines of a dimly lit house a green laser like the Viridian can project a menacing green beam of light that will have any intruder running for cover. In law enforcement, lasers have been proven to be effective in deterring crime and saving lives. Evidence from both law enforcement and the military clearly shows that a subject is more likely to surrender when faced with a laser equipped firearm. Diffuse the situation before it comes to using lethal force. This is more important than ever in today’s litigious society. Believe it or not even defending yourself in your own home can open you up to a host of liability concerns. Having a visible green laser such as the Viridian could reduce this risk.


A Laser Sight is a Great Teaching Tool

Some more experienced shooters may look at a laser accessory as more of a toy and just for fun. Well it is a ton of fun…. but it can be so much more than that. It can be humbling to see how a gun in your hand which appears motionless can actually be bouncing around on the target when a connected green laser beam is projected out 30 yards. But use that knowledge. Learn how to try different positions or stances to minimize those movements. Also, a visible laser sight, such as the Viridian, sure makes aligning your standard top sights a breeze. Once your green laser is zeroed in you can quickly and effortlessly place your iron sights right where you want without even firing a shot.


The Viridian Unleashes a Bright Green Laser

The Viridian takes its name from the word viridis which is Latin for “green”. As explained in Why Green, Green lasers are substantially more visible to the human eye than red lasers. But there is much more to the equation as all green lasers are not created equal. Whether produced overseas or here in the United States, many green lasers are either not made to withstand the rigors of a gun application or are simply not up to the quality standards that one would expect. A very large portion of advertised 5mW manufactured green laser modules available are either very low power (under 2mW), very unstable in terms of power, or unable to withstand recoil. The patent-pending Viridian green laser has been manufactured to excel in all of these categories to produce a very stable bright green at the maximum legally allowed power for civil use in the United States.


The Viridian is Purpose-Built

In addition to offering a very powerful green laser, Laser Aiming Systems Corporation designs every product within the Viridian line to perfectly fit specific gun models. This means that each Viridian product captures its visual cues directly from the gun it is designed for as it seamlessly integrates onto the rail and latch bar. By doing so, the Viridian line of green laser sights changes the traditional gun/laser combination from being one of a bulky add-on situation to one of a compact cohesive gun/laser system.


The Viridian is Compact

Many lasers, green or otherwise, are built for rifles and are up to four or five inches long. The Viridian is built for specific handguns and amazingly fits perfectly on your accessory rail. This is an impressive feat given that green lasers require an additional crystal and are much more complex than the standard red ones with their direct injection diodes. We know of no other green laser sight currently on the market that is compacted anywhere near this level! The benefit to you is that this robust laser will become as one with your handgun as it fits snug and secure in front of the trigger guard and below the barrel.


The Viridian is Durable, yet Lightweight

The Viridian is manufactured with lightweight polymers very similar to the material used by today’s leading gun manufacturers.


The Viridian Windage & Elevation Adjustments can be Counted On

As many have experienced, not all laser sights on the market have adequately functioning windage and elevation adjustments. With the Viridian green laser you can count on quick and easy Allen wrench adjustments to get your laser zeroed in and to hold a zero.


The Viridian is Easy To Use

Simply slide your Viridian green laser sight onto your accessory rail until it firmly locks into place. Then, as you are in the shooters stance holding your handgun, simply extend your right index finger to locate the Viridian’s On/Off switch to have complete control of the beam of green laser light. And with our laser you can leave it on as long as you’d like as the circuit board is designed with Automatic Power Control (APC) to avoid overheating and/or malfunctioning.


The Viridian is an Exceptional Value

Due to the added technology and cost, green lasers had previously not been economically or physically feasible for civilian use – especially for handguns. With its launch of the Viridian and its patent-pending internal design, Laser Aiming Systems Corporation has put together the best technology at the best possible price. You can now have a laser sight that emits a perfectly collimated beautiful beam of green light all enclosed within a condensed package. The result is a far superior product at prices comparable to traditional red laser sights.


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