Viridian XTL Universal Mount Tactical Light w/Strobe

////Viridian XTL Universal Mount Tactical Light w/Strobe

Viridian XTL Universal Mount Tactical Light w/Strobe


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The best compact laser / light combo on the market. The C Series fits perfectly on most any gun with a picatinny rail including sub-compacts. They feature the brightest green and red lasers, Radiance taclights, ECR Instant-On, CREE LED and multiple modes of operation. With all of these features, you will never carry a naked gun again. The Viridian XTL dominates the night with its new CREE LED for stunning nighttime visibility. The Viridian XTL features ECR Instant-On technology.

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338 lumens Constant, 418 Lumens Strobe


60 Minutes Constant, 80 Minutes Strobe

The Viridian is Purpose Built
In addition to offering a very powerful green laser, Laser Aiming Systems Corporation designs every product within the Viridian line to perfectly fit specific gun models. This means that each Viridian product captures its visual cues directly from the gun it is designed for as it seamlessly integrates onto the rail and latch bar. By doing so, the Viridian line of green laser sights changes the traditional gun/laser combination from being one of a bulky add-on situation to one of a compact cohesive gun/laser system.

The Viridian is Compact
Many lasers, green or otherwise, are built for rifles and are up to four or five inches long. The Viridian XTL tactical light with strobe is built for specific handguns and amazingly fits perfectly on your accessory rail. This is an impressive feat given that green lasers require an additional crystal and are much more complex than the standard red ones with their direct injection diodes. We know of no other green laser sight currently on the market that is compacted anywhere near this level! The benefit to you is that this robust laser will become as one with your handgun as it fits snug and secure in front of the trigger guard and below the barrel.

The Viridian is Durable, yet Lightweight
The Viridian is manufactured with lightweight polymers very similar to the material used by today’s leading gun manufacturers.

The Viridian Windage & Elevation Adjustments can be Counted On
As many have experienced, not all tactical lights with strobes on the market have adequately functioning windage and elevation adjustments. With the Viridian green laser you can count on quick and easy Allen wrench adjustments to get your laser zeroed in and to hold a zero.

Viridian is Easy To Use
Simply slide your Viridian green laser sight onto your accessory rail until it firmly locks into place. Then, as you are in the shooters stance holding your handgun, simply extend your right index finger to locate the Viridian’s On/Off switch to have complete control of the beam of green laser light. And with our laser you can leave it on as long as you’d like as the circuit board is designed with Automatic Power Control (APC) to avoid overheating and/or malfunctioning.

The Viridian is an Exceptional Value
Due to the added technology and cost, green lasers had previously not been economically or physically feasible for civilian use – especially for handguns. With its launch of the Viridian and its patent-pending internal design, Laser Aiming Systems Corporation has put together the best technology at the best possible price. You can now have a tactical light with a strobe that emits a perfectly collimated beautiful beam of green light all enclosed within a condensed package. The result is a far superior product at prices comparable to traditional red laser sights.

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