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ZEISS Victory 8×32 T* FL Binoculars


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ZEISS Victory 8×32 T*

The brilliant high-performance binoculars

Sharply defined details, brilliant natural colors and rapid focusing: these are the hallmarks of the ZEISS Victory 8×32 T* FL Binoculars. The use of fluoride glass makes it possible to appreciate the subtlest shades and delineations of color and shapes in the plumage of a bird or the wings of an butterfly. From close-ups to scans of large flocks or herds, the special lenses of the FLs provide clarity and definition that is a pleasure. Never again will you miss any opportunity. The easily accessible focus wheel takes you from close in to far distance in a fraction of a second. Whether you choose to watch owls in the late twilight hours or birds feeding on a dark winter’s day, the unique brightness of the Victory FL binoculars is bound to impress. Pick up the Victory FL high-performance binoculars and experience the unique ZEISS quality view.

Victory 8×32 T* Features

Brilliant FL-Concept

The ZEISS Victory 8×32 T* FL make the most of the full richness of color and brilliance in the world of birds and nature. The outstanding lens construction, using lenses made of high-performance fluoride glass – FL for short – helps you to see more brilliant and authentic colors and to observe plumage and structure details more clearly. Chromatic aberrations (color fringes) are kept to a minimum. Important details, such as a bird’s white eyebrow stripe, are shown as nature intended them to be seen, while all colors and shapes are clearly defined.

Best visibility both near and far

Search for a songbird in a bush just a few yards away or look into the distance to watch a passing bird of prey. Enjoy outstanding images from the Victory FL binoculars at any distance, near or far. The wide angle field of view makes it easier for you to seek out birds, even at short distances. At long range, the wide field of view gives you a panoramic view; whether you are looking at roosting cranes or passing birds of prey.

Robust and lightweight

The lightweight design and compact dimensions make the Victory FL binoculars the ideal companion for nature observation and birdwatching. Whether you are birdwatching in the rainforest, in the desert, out on the icecap or in more temperate zones, the high-quality materials used in the construction of these binoculars will withstand even the most extreme conditions. The Victory FL binoculars are waterproof and filled with nitrogen, so that even extreme changes in temperature will not cause them to mist up internally. The rubber armour makes these binoculars extremely robust and shockproof, and provides reliable protection for the delicate optics.

Effortless operation

The easily accessible focusing wheel makes it possible to change your focus in a fraction of a second from a seagull in the distance to a sandpiper on the beach close by. Even with gloves on, the non-slip focusing wheel is easy to operate. Its integrated diopter adjustment can be locked in the required position. The eyecups can be screwed in or out to your preferred position, so that you can set the right distance between your eyes and the eyepiece. The eyecups can also be removed completely for cleaning purposes.

Low light capability thanks to Carl ZEISS T* multi-layer coating

You will really notice the difference on dark autumn days or when watching owls in the spring. The unique Carl ZEISS T* multi-layer coating, ensures that plenty of light comes through the lenses in all Carl ZEISS binoculars. This enables you to watch birds with unrivalled clarity and brightness in twilight, dark weather conditions and in the interplay of light and shade found in woodland.

Innovative lens coating

Water simply rolls off the lens, leaving no trace. This is due to the LotuTec coating on the lens and eyepiece. The fact that water simply rolls off and no dirt can collect on the surface of the lenses means that you can spend less time cleaning and more time birdwatching.


Magnification 8 x
Effective Lens Diameter 32 mm
Exit Pupil Diameter 4 mm
Twilight Factors 16
Field of View at 1000 yd 420 ft
Subjective Viewing Angle 64 °
Close Focus in Ft 6.56 ft
Diopter Adjustment Range +4 | -4 dpt
Pupil Distance 52 to 74 mm
Eye Relief 15.5 mm
Lens Type FL-Type (4 Lenses)
PrismSystem Schmidt-Pechan
Water Resistance 400 mbar
LotuTec yes
Nitrogen Filling Yes
Functional Temperature in °F -22 | +145 °F
Length in Inch inch
Width in Inch at an eye width of 65 mm 4.57 inch
Weight 19.75 oz


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