ZEV Tech Glock 19 Dimpled Threaded Barrel

Match Grade drop-in Glock replacement barrels feature very tight tolerances and are made with pre hardened chromium stainless steel that was originally designed for use in Match Grade rifle barrels. This material gives high tensile strength and toughness to withstand typical chamber pressures while at the same time still being highly corrosion resistant.

ZEV’s Match Grade barrel bores are some of the most precise stainless steel barrels for sale. Every barrel is double honed until a minimum surface finish of 16 RA is reached. During this process the barrels are held to a final dimension of +/- 0.003″ for consistency as well as accuracy.


416R Gun Barrel Quality Stainless Steel

Match Grade drop in barrel

Final dimension of +/- 0.003″ for consistency as well as accuracy

SAAMI spec. Match chambers

Proprietary twist rate


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Weight 0.3 lbs


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