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Aimpoint Micro LRP Quick Release Mount – Low


The Aimpoint Micro LRP mount is a quick attach/detach mount which is designed to be used with the Aimpoint Micro series sights. The Micro LRP mount can be mounted to any Picatinny rail. No rezeroing is necessary if the sight is detached from the Picatinny rail and then reattached in the same groove.

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Aimpoint Micro LRP Quick Release Mount

Lever Release Picatinny for Micro series and Aimpoint CompM5.

The mount is optimized for the CompM5 and the second generation of the Micro series sights, but also fits the first generation.

Returns to zero after dismounting.

Screws, Micro Tool and Thread sealer included.


Length 59 mm (2 1/3”)
Width 43 mm (1 2/3”)
Optical axis height 20 mm (3/4”) (over top surface of Picatinny rail)
Weight 41 g (1.45 oz)