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Aimpoint 9000SC Red Dot Sight – 2 MOA


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Aimpoint 9000SC Red Dot Sight

The Aimpoint 9000SC Red Dot Sight is a medium length sight primarily designed for use with shorter action rifles, semi automatic firearms and magnum handguns.

The Aimpoint 9000SC is the short version of the Aimpoint red dot sight series which is for use on standard or short action rifles, as well as semi automatic rifles, combination rifles, drilling and magnum handguns.

9000SC Red Dot Sight Features

Aimpoint red dot sight ideal for rifles with shorter actions, semi automatic firearms and magnum handguns

ACET technology allows 50,000 hours of operation on one battery

Available in 2 dot sizes (2 and 4 MOA)

2 ring configuration fits nearly all 30 mm ring mounting systems (rings not included)

Fully waterproof


NVD Compatible No
Optical Coating Anti-reflex
Clear Aperture 23 mm
Eye Relief Unlimited
Battery Type 3V lithium battery 2L76 DL1/3N
Battery Life 50 000h 5 years of continuous use
Power Intensity 1 Off position
9 daylight settings
Length Sight Only 160 mm (6 1/4″)
Length Conf 160 mm (6 1/4″)
Width 55 mm (2 1/8″)
Height Sight Only 55 mm (2 1/8″)
Weight Sight Only 210 g (7.4 oz)
Housing Material High Strength Aluminum
Housing Finish and Color Semi-Matte Black
Material Mount and Spacer High Strength Aluminum
Surface Treatment Anodized Semi-Matte
Height of Optical Axis 20 mm (3/4″)
Temperature Range Operation -30°C to 60°C (-20°F to 140°F)
Temperature Range Storage -51°C to 71°C (-60°F to 160°F)
Submersible Submersible to 15 ft (5 m)
Mounting Yes (sold separately)