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BoBro SCAR Rail Mount – Multiple Options


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BoBro SCAR Rail Mount

The BoBro SCAR Rail Mount is a dual lever mount that was initially designed for the FN SCAR. BoBro also uses this mount on AR10/SR25 type weapons as the upper receiver is long enough to establish proper eye relief with most scopes. Levers can be configured on the left or right side, and BoBro recommends levers on opposite side of cocking handle. If cocking handle is on the left for example, then order mount with “RR” suffix, meaning levers on the right side. Left side levers will have the “LL” suffix. This mount also works perfectly with the Pulsar Thermion series of optics.


Height 1.5″ to centerline of optic
Weight 10 oz.
Ring spacing inside to inside 3.285″
Ring spacing outside to outside 4.95″
Ring width .860″


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