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Edgar Sherman Design Magwell

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Edgar Sherman Design Magwell

The Edgar Sherman Design Magwell enhances your reloading with a purpose driven flare. Every curve, every angle, and every feature on the ESD Magwell is intentional and aligns with the ESD mission to enhance a shooter’s capabilities using human centered design. Featuring symmetrical side cutouts for stripping magazines, the Magwell allows for the easy removal of flush fitting Glock magazines as well as those that have an extension. Additionally, a third cut-out is located on the front of the ESD Magwell. This third cut-out is especially useful in low light/no light conditions and serves as a reference point for the shooter and allows them to focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about fumbling a magazine during a reload. It can also be used as an additional access point for stripping magazines.

The ESD Glock Gen 5 Magwell allows for a greater margin of error when inserting a magazine and eliminates the potential for parallel surface contact by using a combination of wide angles countered by harsh angles. It will even “course correct” the magazine back on track if it is ever inserted at an off-angle. The angles on the outside of the ESD Magwell flow seamlessly with that of your firearm and create a nice shelf for your hand while simultaneously not creating any hot spots.

Edgar Sherman Design Magwell Features

OEM Glock baseplates and extensions

Landers Weapon System

Arrendondo* (Small amount of sanding on the corners required)

SLR Rifleworks

Shield arm extensions on OEM mags* (Must back out the pin that holds the extension in place)

Odin Works

Train With Purpose

Jagerworks Engineering* (minor rubbing /wear towards the inner rear portion of the Magwell, mag locks into place)

Taran Tactical* (will push down the baseplate retention pin and scratch the back of the Magwell. With modification this can be prevented, email CS for more information)



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