Kestrel DROP D3 Logger

The Kestrel DROP D3 is made to monitor and record environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point temperature, station pressure, density altitude and pressure trend in a variety of indoor, outdoor and industrial applications.

Kestrel DROPs are ideal for monitoring conditions in manufacturing, transportation and shipping, shooting and hunting, facilities management, agriculture, healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations, firefighting, the military field, and recreational and in home use. Put a DROP virtually anywhere and ensure safe conditions when you can’t be there.

Small, Accurate, Rugged and Waterproof

DROP D3 Features

Drop Tested to MIL STD 810G


LiNK Wireless Communication to Mobile Devices (Bluetooth low energy)*

Pressure Sensor

Relative Humidity Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Waterproof to IP67

Long Range Shooting

Long range shooters need some of the most precise calculations in order to make extremely accurate shots in different settings and conditions. Know the effects of station pressure and density altitude on bullet flight.


Constantly changing weather conditions make real-time flight decisions crucial for pilots in small aircraft and helicopters. Prevent takeoff and landing accidents by accurately measuring density altitude and adjusting flight operations depending on the area’s high or low density altitude.


Skydivers depend on density altitude to make decisions involving canopy size. Proficient parachutists may select smaller canopy sizes for routine jumps but may actually want to up size to a larger canopy in high density altitudes. Higher density altitudes may also indicate a faster canopy descent.


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