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Vertx BAP Strap – Small (2 Pack)

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Vertx BAP Strap – Small (2 Pack)

The Vertx BAP Strap – Small allows you to upgrade your tactical organization with weapon/kit retention tactigami – the ultimate solution for holster retention, and more. Built on the success of Vertx’s renowned BAP Straps, this Tactigami piece provides a wide range of options to securely hold your gear in any situation. Experience unrivaled versatility and adaptability with these tactical essentials that are designed to excel in any scenario. Whether your’e in the field or on a mission, these tactical essentials will keep your valuable tools within reach and ready for action

Vertx BAP Strap Features

Adjustable size fitment for items such as flashlights, tools or batteries

Secures items in place with overlapping wings

Attaches to loop panel in any direction for a completely customized setup

Designed to customize storage in Vertx loop lined bags and packs

Compatible with other loop surfaces

Made of VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP hook and loop

Can be cut to size without fray

Fabric & Technology

VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP #888, 12 3/4″


3.75″L x 2″H


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