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Wilcox G24 Breakaway Mount


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Wilcox G24 Breakaway Mount

The Wilcox G24 Breakaway mount is a Night Vision Goggle mount. They have been field tested by operators and fine tuned from their hands on experience with Wilcox’s products. The mount disconnects from the base under stress if desired reducing the potential for neck injury of the operator. The mount accommodates PVS-14 Arm and AN/PVS-15/18.  It is backed by Wilcox’s 5 year warranty. The Wilcox G24 Breakaway will be your go to for night vision goggles.

Wilcox G24 Breakaway Mount Features

Dovetail shoe interface securely locks NVG’s into place

Breakaway feature reduces the risk of neck injury

Ergonomical adjustments allow for one handed operation

Maintains a very low profile on the helmet

The rail interface & extended models available

Developed & battle proven by U.S. & NATO SOF

Backed by Wilcox’s 5 year warranty

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