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Zev Fulcrum Adjustable Glock Trigger Upgrade Kit


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Zev Fulcrum Adjustable Glock Trigger

The ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Adjustable Trigger is the premier Glock trigger kit for competitive shooters seeking to attain the ultimate performance from their pistol. The Fulcrum trigger features adjustment screws built into the trigger pad for fine tuning the pre travel and over travel of the trigger for personal preference. Trigger pull weight is determined by the trigger spring, firing pin safety spring, and striker spring and is not affected by the pre travel and over travel adjustments of the trigger pad.

ZEV created the market for upgrade triggers for GLOCK. Over the years, their triggers have won more world championships and are in the hands of more professionals than all other after market triggers combined.

Zev didn’t stop there. Beginning two years ago, they set out to reinvent Zev’s entire product line. After thousands of hours of design and engineering and after hundreds of thousands of rounds of testing, we are proud to announce a product line built from the ground up to perform better and more safely than anything else on the market

ZEV Trigger Bar: the ONLY professional GLOCK replacement trigger bar that reduces travel, and gives professional, crisp trigger pull while keeping all factory Glock safeties intact.

Zev’s Triggers feature a wider trigger pad and safety for better user engagement and offer drop in functionality with improved ergonomics and a clean, crisp creep free trigger pull.

NOTE: ZEV Technologies recommends this for competition use ONLY. The ZEV Trigger bar is in their small frame trigger kits only (9 mm/.40)

Zev Fulcrum Includes

4th Gen

Glock 17, 19, 26,and 34

Polished Steel Trigger Bar

ZEV Trigger Pad Black

6061 Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum Hard Anodized Type III

ZEV Trigger Safety Black

ZEV Trigger Safety Spring

Ejector Housing

Pro Connector

Trigger Spring

2 lb Striker Spring, ZEV 3 lb Striker Spring

ZEV Stainless Steel Firing Pin Safety

Firing Pin Safety Spring

ZEV Skeletonized Stainless Steel Striker

2 Adjustment Wrenches



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