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Aimpoint Acro S-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight


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Aimpoint Acro S-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight

The Aimpoint Acro S-2 shotgun reflex red dot optic offers a compact design based on the Acro 2nd generation. The optic was designed to mount on ventilated shotgun ribs. The mounting brackets included with sight allow the optic to be utilized on most standard shotguns. Its large 9 MOA red dot simplifies lead visualization, enhancing the automatic refinement of muzzle swing and positioning. The optic is sleek with no protruding features, providing a clear field of view with both eyes open. The low optical axis of 15 mm allows proper gun mounting. The Acro S-2 excels in bird and small game hunting, as well as sporting applications.

Aimpoint Acro S-2 Features

Anodized high strength aluminum housing with semi-matte black finish

9 MOA red dot for fast target acquisition

Battery life 50,000 hours (over 5 years) of constant operation on a single battery

Battery type: CR2032 (included)

Integrated rib mount, carbon fiber reinforced polymer

Interchangeable base plates included to accommodate most popular shotgun rib sizes

Sleek design, and larger window, contributes to a clearer field of view with both eyes open

Versatile optic for all shotgun applications

Ultra-low optical axis

Ability to fully zero to customize point of impact

1X (non-magnifying) operationally parallax free optic

Submersible to 5 meters (15 feet)

Weight 74 g (2.6 oz) sight only

Commercial Grade

Product Manual

Spec Sheet


Operating Principle Reflex collimator sight with LED
Magnification 1X – No magnification
Dot Size 9 MOA
Dot Color Red
Light Source Wavelength 650 nm red light
NVD Compatible No
Battery Type 3V lithium battery, type CR2032
Battery Life 5 years (50,000 h) at daylight setting 6 (15,000 Lux, room temperature)
Size L x W x H (sight only) 47 x 34 x 37mm (1.9 x 1.3 x 1.5 in)
Weight (sight only) 68 g / 2.4 oz
Housing Color Black
Housing Surface Finish Anodized, semi-matte
Housing Material Aluminum
Submersible 5 m / 15 ft
Temperature Range Operation: -30°C to +60°C / -20°F to +140°F
Temperature Range Storage -51°C to +71°C / -60°F to +160°F
Mounting Solution Interchangeable base plates to accommodate most rib sizes, for the integrated mount
Torque (mount to sight) 3.0 Nm / 27 in-lbs
Optical Coating Anti-Reflex, all surfaces and multi-layer coating objective lens
Clear Aperture 15 x 15 mm / 0.59 x 0.59 in
Eye Relief Unlimited
Transmission Average 60% in the range 420 – 700 nm
Parallax Operational parallax free – No centering required
Power Intensity 10 daylight settings (DL) of which 1 extra bright
Power Switch Push buttons
Material Integrated Mount Reinforced polymer
Height of Optical Axis 15 mm / 0.6 in Meausred from top surface of mounting platform
Adjustment 1 click = 20 mm at 100 m / 0.7 in at 100 yds
Adjustment Range: ±1 m at 100 m/ ±1 yd at 100 yds in windage and elevation
Lens Cover Not included
Humidity Operable during and after humidity. Limits RH: 95%, Temp: +20°C to +50°C / +68°F t0 +122°F, cyclic
Chemical Resistance Withstands occasional contamination by weapons cleaners, lubricants, fuels and insect repellents.
Mounting Platform Shotgun rib with width 6.0 – 12.0 mm and ventilated rib thickness 1.3 – 3.6 mm
Torque (Mount to rail) 3.0 Nm / 27 in-lbs



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