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Aimpoint Rear Flip-Up Cover – Multiple Options


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Aimpoint Rear Flip-Up Cover

The Aimpoint Rear Flip-Up Cover is a see thru protective cover that slides over the rear lens for added protection. The transparent lens covers makes it possible to see and use the sight with closed covers. It protects the lenses from scratches and keep the optic free from dust and debris during transport and storage. The flip-up function provides fast access to rain free and clean lenses when sight is in use, once its open the lid stays up until its manually closed again. It is available for H30s/H30L and H34S/H34L sights.

Aimpoint Rear Flip-Up Cover Features

Fits Aimpoint Hunter series 30 mm sight models H30S and H30L sights

Transparent flip-up rear lens cover

Allows you to see even when the cover is closed

Keep lens dry and safe from debris

Protect lens from dust and dirt

Eliminates scratch risk during storage and transport


Size L x W x H (MM) 24 x 41 x 43 mm (0.9 x 1.6 x 1.7 in)
Material Lens Covers Santoprene


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