CHPWS Brownells Glock RMR Cut Slide with ZEV Posts Adapter Plate

The CHPWS Brownells Glock RMR Cut Slide was designed specifically for Brownells RMR Cut Slide with a ZEV style posts

Screw Lengths Needed

6-32 x 5/8 BH for Leupold DPP

6-32 x 3/8 BH for SIG Romeo1, SIG Romeo1 Pro, Nikon SPUR

6-32 x 5/16 BH for Vortex Venom

6-32 x 7/16 BH for Vortex Razor

6-32 x 7/16 FH for Burris Fastfire 3, Vortex Viper


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Additional information

Weight .1 lbs


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