Length, Width,Height:4.6” x 2.8” x 1.6” (117 mm x 71 mm x 41 m)
Weight7.5 oz
Battery PowerOne 3-volt DL123 battery
Visible Aim Laser ATPIAL
Output4.0 mW
Beam Divergence 0.5 MRAD
Wavelength 605 to 665 nm
Range > 25 m
IR Aiming LaserATPIAL
Output Power Low0.6 mW
Output Power High25 mW
Beam Divergence 0.5 MRAD
Wavelength 820 to 850 nm
Range > 600 m on Low and  2000 m on High
IR IlluminatorATPIAL
Output Power Low 3.5 mW
Output Power High30 mW
Beam Divergence1 to 105 MRAD
Wavelength 820 to 850 nm
Range> 2,000 m
Danger Laser Radiation, Avoid direct exposure to beam
IR LaserPower: 50 mW
Wavelength: 830 nmClass IIIb
Laser TyperVIS Laser
Power < 5 mW
Wavelength 650 nm


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Weight0.5 lbs
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Black, Tan


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