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Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Spotlight


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Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Spotlight

The Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Spotlight was designed to have unmatched performance and premium quality. This light is a powerhouse that delivers a beam throw that will reach distances up to 750 yards modestly. Designed and engineered around the demanding sport of predator and coyote hunting, the Coyote Reaper Spotlight features a 3/4 turn flood to spot adjustable focus, an intensity control on/off dial with a 5% to 100% range and built in memory, 4 different interchangeable LED bulb module colors to choose from, and it’s all housed in an aircraft grade aluminum alloy.

Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Spotlight Features

Up to 750 Yards of Beam Throw

Adjustable Focus

Intensity Control On/Off Dial (2% – 100%)

Interchangeable LED Bulb Modules (Available Colors: RED, GREEN, AMBER and WHITE)

Halo Control

Textured Silicone Pistol Grip

Matte Black Finish


Kit Includes

Coyote Reaper SpotLight

Your choice of LED Bulb Module(s)

Rubber Halo Shield

Textured Silicone Pistol Grip

Two 18-650 Lithium Ion Battery / 3.7v / 2900mAh

18-650 Charger

Eva Foam Cloth Carry Case


Burn  Time Up To 3.5 Hours*
Functional in -20 degree temps
Rechargeable Yes
Housing Aluminum Alloy
Battery Two 18-650 Lithium Ion battery
Weight 2.5 pounds



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