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Sightmark Crossbow/Arrow Laser Boresight


A brand new addition to the Sightmark® line of award-winning boresights is the Arrow/Bolt Boresight. This unique boresight provides the most convenient and accurate method for sighting in bows and crossbows. Simply screw on the boresight to the tip of an arrow or bolt and a laser dot will show exactly where the bow or crossbow is aiming. Shooters can sight in any optic at 30 yards and switch out the boresight for an arrow or bolt tip to begin hunting. The Sightmark® Arrow/Bolt Laser Boresight is sure to take the frustration out of prolonged sighting, as it is easy to use and will save both time and money on arrows and bolts. Includes a carrying case, three (2) AG5 batteries, and instructions.

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Sightmark Crossbow/Arrow Laser Boresight

Sightmark takes boresights seriously because properly sighting in a firearm lays the foundation for success, and that is where the Sightmark Crossbow/Arrow Laser Foresight comes into play. The goal is simple: provide the best and most accurate boresights on the market for a variety of calibers. Sightmark proudly offers the largest selection of in-chamber boresights on the market. The Boresights have achieved such high marks in excellence because the designs do not cut corners. Each boresight is constructed with high quality brass and are calibrated with three set screws in a roller to center the laser diode to the housing.

The roller ensures fine adjustments can be made so the boresight is truly centered. This ensures the boresight will accurately project a firearm’s theoretical point of impact, no matter what. Sightmark has created a line of boresights that achieve a reliable, true center, meaning you spend less time, and ammo, at the range trying to find the target with your new rifle.

Sightmark Crossbow/Arrow Laser Boresight Features

Precision Accuracy

Reliable And Durable

Attaches To Arrows Or Bolts

Compact And Lightweight

Easy To Pack And Travel

Comes With A Carrying Case

Included in Package

Battery pack

Carrying case

Batteries Used


Product Manual


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