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Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF XL50 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

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Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF XL50 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

The Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF XL50, is a cutting-edge digital thermal rifle scope equipped with a laser rangefinder, designed to redefine your shooting experience. This advanced optic features a 1.75x base magnification with digital zoom up to 8x as well as groundbreaking HD thermal imaging, driven by an uncooled a-Si Lynred <35 NETD thermal sensor with an impressive 1024×768 resolution and 12µm pixel pitch, setting a new standard in sensor technology. Complementing this exceptional sensor is an AMOLED 1024×768 display which delivers unparalleled clarity even in complete darkness.

With eight different thermal color palettes suited for long observation and enhanced-contrast heat detection, the Thermion 2 LRF XL50 is highly adaptable to ever-changing environments. High zoom capabilities provide extreme image detail, allowing for precision in your observations. The integrated ballistic calculator empowers long-range shooting, ensuring accuracy and confidence in every shot.

Superior optics in the form of premium HD-class Germanium optics guarantee exceptional clarity and performance, making this rifle scope a standout in the Thermion 2 Line. The XL50 boasts the widest field of view in the series, offering a visual landscape like no other. With an impressive 2,500-yard detection range and an 875-yard laser rangefinder, it’s well-suited for even the most challenging scenarios.

Control is effortless with the included wireless remote, and extended usage is ensured by the dual Li-ion power system, accommodating both a 2 Ah external battery and a 4.9 Ah internal battery, conveniently chargeable via a USB-C cable. Seamless connectivity is achieved through Wi-Fi readiness and compatibility with the Stream Vision 2 app, facilitating media sharing with 16GB of cloud space. Additionally, the Pulsar Bluetooth wireless remote feature enhances control possibilities.

Adaptability to varying conditions is provided by three sensor sensitivity amplification levels. Constructed from robust aluminum alloy, this rifle scope is built for durability and reliability, with an IPX7 fully waterproof rating to withstand challenging weather conditions.

Pulsar’s Thermion 2 LRF XL50 is an adaptable high-tech digital thermal imaging system designed to be the future of nocturnal hunting, the perfect addition to any serious hunters’ arsenal.

Pulsar Thermion 2 XL50 Features

Base magnification of 1.75x

Digital zoom in increments of 2/4/8

30mm tube

<35 NETD thermal sensor with 1024×768 resolution and 12µm pixel pitch

AMOLED 1024×768 display

8 different thermal color palettes

Integrated ballistic calculator for long-range shooting

The widest field of view (14×10.05°) in the entire Thermion 2 Line

Extra-long 2,500-yard detection range

Built in 875-yard laser rangefinder

Wireless remote control included

Dual Li-ion power system: 2 Ah external battery / 4.9 Ah internal battery

6 hours of operating time

Chargeable with USB-C cable

Wi-Fi ready and Stream Vision 2 app compatible

16gb of cloud space

Compatible with the Pulsar Bluetooth wireless remote, the first Pulsar product to have this feature.

3 sensor sensitivity amplification levels

Made of robust aluminum alloy

IPX7 fully waterproof

Spec Sheet

Quick Start Guide


Sensor Resolution (px) 1024×768
Sensor Type Uncooled ASi
Display Resolution (px) 1024×768
Display Type AMOLED HD
Sensor NETD (mK) <35
Pixel Pitch (μm) 12
Objective Lens F/1.0
Magnification (x) 1.75-14
Field Of View (°) 14×10.5
Detection Range (yds/m) 2515 / 2300
Built-in Memory (GB) 64
Battery Type Li-Ion АPS2 (external) Li-Ion APS5 (internal)
Battery Life (hrs) 6
External Power Supply 5V, 9V (USB-C)
Operating Temperature (°F/°С) -13 – 122o / -25 – 50o
IP Rating IPX7
Dimensions (in/mm) 16.7×3.09×3.7 / 426×78.5×94.5
Body Material Aluminum Alloy
Weight (oz/kg) 36.3 / 1.03



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