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Pulsar APS 5 Battery Pack

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Pulsar APS 5 Battery Pack

The Puslar APS 5 Battery Pack was is a rechargeable lithium ion battery that was designed to fit the Pulsar Axion Thermal Monocular and the Pulsar Thermion Thermal Scope. With a 3.7 charge voltage, the APS 5 holds a battery life of up to 4 hours in the Axion and 6-8 hours in the Thermions.

Pulsar APS 5 Battery Pack Features

Rechargeable lithium ion battery

4900 mAh capacity

Designed to power Axion / Thermion / Digex models

Fits Models: Axion XQ, Axion XQ LRF, Proton FXQ, Proton XQ

Product Specifications

Pulsar Battery Used

Type: Li Ion

Quantity: 1


Battery Type Li Ion
Rated Capacity (MilliAmpere hour Rating), mAh 4,900
Charging Voltage, V 3.7
Battery Charge Indication Yes
Pin Type for Battery Charger microUSB
Body Material Plastic
Operating Temperature -4 to 140 F

(-20 to 60 C)

Length 3.3 in

(85 mm)

Width 1.02 in

(26 mm)

Height 1.02 in

(26 mm)

Weight 2.8 oz


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