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Surefire SF18650B Micro USB Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

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Surefire SF18650B Micro USB Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

The Surefire SF18650B is a Micro USB Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. This allows the user to conveniently charge the battery using any USB power source such as a USB wall charger, computer/laptop, power bank, or automotive USB port using the included Micro USB to USB cable. Additionally, an external 18650 compatible CC-CV cradle charger (no included) can be used to charge the battery; possibly at a faster rate if so equipped. The SF18650B is compatible with the following Surefire products: FURY-DFT, FURY-IB-DF, EDC2-DFT, M600DF, M640DF, M640DFT and P1R series.

Surefire SF18650B Features

High-performance 3.6V 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery with MICRO-USB port for ease of charging â arging cradle needed

When plugged into a power source, two LED indicators display the current charge state: Red for charging and Green for fully charged

3,500 mAh for extended battery runtime

8-10A discharge rate for dependability in high drain devices such as LED flashlights

Product Manual


Type Protected 18650
Voltage 3.6V
Certification CE, PSE, UN38.3
Charge End Voltage 4.2V
Chemistry Lithium-ion
Dimensions 69.4 x 18.6 mm
Discharge End Voltage 2.50V
Discharge Rate 8-10A
Energy 12.6 Wh
Lithium Content 10.5 g
Operating Temp Range (CHARGING) 0-45º C, 65%±25%RH
Operating Temp Range (DISCHARGING) -20º C-+60º C, 65%±25%RH
Rated Capactiy 3.5 Ah
Standard Charge Rate Charging through USB can take over 8 hours if fully depleted. Approximately 5 hours of flashlight cutoff
Storage Temp Rate 0-35º C 60±25%RH
USB Current 600 mA ± 100 mA
USB Charge Voltage 5.0 V ± 0.2 V
Weight 1.7 oz (49 g)


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