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Unity Tactical FAST Magnifier – Aimpoint Bundle

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Unity Tactical FAST Magnifier – Aimpoint Bundle

The Unity Tactical FAST Magnifier Bundle includes the Aimpoint 3x-c magnifier and Unity Tactical FAST magnifier mount. The Mount features the first ever Flip To Center (FTC) mechanism that everyone is raving about. This gives it stowage completely within the footprint of the weapon’s receiver while not occluding the host optic’s sight picture at all. Thus awarding the most optic capability with the lowest profile during all modes of operation.  The revolutionary FTC function completely solves the problem posed by legacy flip to side magnifier mounts. When disengaged, the magnifier hangs off the side of the gun, creating a major snag hazard.  FAST FTC Magnifier Mounts takes away this danger and utilize a force to overcome mechanism for rapid transition. This mount is designed to work with the Unity Tactical FAST Micro red dot mount.

Unity Tactical FAST is a series of optic mounts and platforms that give end users with a faster sight picture than standard height mounts. A 2.26” optical centerline height gives faster and easier reticle acquisition while wearing electronic ear pro or communications headsets, night vision goggles and gas masks and allows for more rapid visual processing of the battlefield by promoting a heads up posture. A heads up posture helps maintain a neutral spine position which is more comfortable while wearing helmets and other heavy gear.

FAST FTC Magnifier Mounts come complete with American Defense’s patented QD Auto Lock Lever.

The FAST FTC Magnifier Mount is built from 7075 T6 Aluminum and Type III Hardcoat Anodized Black or FDE.

Aimpoint 3X-C User Manual »


Weight 11 oz (Optic 7.8oz, Mount 3.8)
Color Black, FDE (Optic only comes Black)


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