Aimpoint 3X-C Magnifier

This Aimpoint 3X-C magnifier incorporates proven design features and premium Aimpoint quality at an entry level price point. It offers a 3x magnification and can be used with all Aimpoint sights for long range aiming and observation. A variable (-2 to +2) dioptric setting allows this magnifier to be adapted to the individual shooter’s eye. The 3X-C magnifier can also be used as a handheld 3X monocular. Aimpoint magnifiers utilize the red dot in Aimpoint sights as the aiming reticle, eliminating the need for re-zeroing when shifting between non-magnified and magnified aiming. It is encased in a shock absorbing protective rubber cover that also creates an ideal ergonomic grip. Internal optical adjustments make aligning the magnifier and sight quick and easy. The magnifier is available with a FlipMount & TwistMount Base.


The mounting surface of the magnifier will allow for mounting to any 30mm diameter ring mount. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing the 3X-C. For quick attachment/detach, we recommend the American defense 1/3 Co-Witness mount. The height of the mount is correct when the optical axis of the 3X-C and the Aimpoint sight coincide. Select a suitable position for the 3X-C on the weapon base so the eye relief is correct and feels comfortable. Assemble the Aimpoint 3X-C to the chosen mount and install it on the weapon. The 3X-C shall be mounted with the Aimpoint logo to the left. Carefully tighten the mount to the weapon base and retighten after a few rounds.


The 3X-C does not need to be zeroed. However, an Aimpoint sight used together with the 3X-C must be zeroed so the red dot of the sight creates the correct point of impact. The Aimpoint Magnifier has two screws that allow the user to center the red dot of the sight when viewed through the 3X-C. Centering the dot inside the Aimpoint 3X-C is not necessary, but creates a more natural feel.

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Optical Magnification 3x
NVD Compatible Yes
Exit Pupil 6.5 mm
Eye Relief 56 mm
Dioptric Adjustment ± 2 D
Length Sight Only 103mm (4”)
Width 45mm (1 3/4″)
Height Sight Only 45 mm (1 3/4″)
Weight Sight Only 7.8 oz
Temperature Operation -35°C to 55°C


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Weight 0.49 lbs
Mount Options

FlipMount & TwistMount Base, No Mount


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