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Unity Tactical Fast Micro Mount

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Unity Tactical Fast Micro Mount

Unity Tactical FAST Micro Mount is a mount that provides end users with a quicker sight picture than standard height mounts. Having a 2.26” optical centerline height provides faster and easier reticle acquisition while wearing electronic earpro/communications headsets, night vision goggles and gas masks. This allows for more rapid visual processing of the battlefield by promoting a heads up posture.  A heads up posture helps users maintain a neutral spine position which is more comfortable wearing helmets and other heavy gear. Another highlight of this mount is it compatibility with the Unity Tactical FAST FTC Aimpoint Mag Mount

The FAST Micro Mount features built in standard height back up iron sights that keep weapons uncluttered, without reducing capability.  Both front and rear BUIS are completely adjustable for windage and elevation.  The front sight post can be removed so that the rear BUIS aperture can be used with a traditional front sight such as our FUSION fixed or folding sights  (if present), creating a more conventional sight radius.  However, the built in front/rear BUIS is perfect for backup on super short PDW/SMG platforms where rail space is critical for mounting lights and lasers.

Designed for Aimpoint Micro (H1, H2, T1, T2, CompM5) and other optics with Aimpoint Micro footprint, such as those found on many Sig Sauer, Holosun, Primary Arms, and Vortex Optics platforms.

The FAST Micro Mount comes with a standard rail-grabber clamp mount, but is designed to readily accept a drop-in American Defense’s patented QD Auto Lock Lever (sold separately).  This mounting option will provide quick detach capability.

The FAST Micro Mount is built from 7075-T6 Aluminum and Type III Hardcoat Anodized Black or FDE.


Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1.3 × 2 in
Color Black, FDE

1 review for Unity Tactical Fast Micro Mount

  1. pmjohnny08 (verified owner)

    Loving this mount so far. I don’t run Nods, but you don’t need them to justify using this mount. Turns your cheek weld into more of a chin weld, but it does exactly what Unity advertises. I run this with a Primary Arms MD25 and it allows me to see my dot with my neck more straight and much more comfortable. It also allows me to use my Scalarworks Peak Iron sights as well, without having to obstruct my red dot at all. No co-witness or lower 1/3rd, just a view box underneath that also has its own sights if you’d prefer. Aight radius on the mount itself is tiny, but they do work if that’s what you choose. Also, it looks awesome!!! Loving this mount, highly recommend for a natural low ready to eye transition. Love it!

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