Blue Force Gear Push Button QD Sling Swivel

The Blue Force Gear Push Button QD Sling Swivel was designed to give a secure, quiet sling attachment point. It also allows slings to be quickly removed and attached on multiple weapons, and can be threaded on to any Vickers Sling.

The design of the Push Button Sling Swivel was to be stronger and lighter than the common Push Button QD Swivel. The smaller swivel body and push button reduces weight while minimizing the chance of accidentally disengaging the swivel. A larger gauge sling loop gives increased strength and durability. It has a matte phosphate finish for corrosion resistance and signature reduction.

It fits all common quick detach sockets found on some buttstocks, forends, rails, or aftermarket socket adapters. Ensure that your weapon has a QD socket to correctly attach the sling to the weapon.  For attaching a Push Button Sling Swivel to railed forends without integral QD sockets, you can use the Rail Mounted Push Button Swivel Socket. The Sling Swivel comes in 1” and 1.25” loops. As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Blue Force Gear Push Button QD Sling Swivel Features

1″ Swivels can be used on any Vickers Sling that has 1.25″ webbing.  The 1″ loop keeps the Swivel more stationary on the sling.

1.25″ Swivels can also be used on any Vickers Sling but allows for more movement of the webbing than the 1″ Swivels

Vickers Combat Applications Slings

Standard push button / QD swivel sockets integral to weapons, handguards, buttstocks or Rail Mounted Push Button Swivel Socket

Machined steel, phosphated for maximum corrosion resistance

Stainless Steel internals

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