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Bering Optics Hogster Vibe 2-8x35mm Ultra Compact Thermal Sight

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Bering Optics Hogster Vibe 2-8x35mm Ultra Compact Thermal Sight

The Bering Optics Hogster Vibe 2-8x35mm is an Ultra Compact Thermal Weapon Sight Scope that was made for the fast growing feral hog market. The sight is super lightweight, compact and .308 Cal. rated. It comes with a Quick Detach (QD) mount that makes the mounting on any type of rifle, equipped with the Picatinny rail, quick and easy. Hogster Vibe compactness makes it suitable for use as a handheld scanner for scouting purposes.

The sight is built with the superb Germanium optics that is paired with an advanced Vanadium Oxide (VOx) thermal core and proprietary electronics. Hogster Vibe features an intuitive, user friendly menu to customize settings to the user’s needs without disengaging from the target, including BDC and Crosshair reticles along with White, Black and Colored image polarization.

The scope is nitrogen purged, is water, dust and shock proof and is action ready in any environment or light conditions, including conditions when the environmental obscurants such as smoke, dust or haze, are present. Hogster Vibe is suitable for use in colder temperatures thanks to the unique build retaining its own heat and keeping the cold sensitive elements warm, virtually making it a great universal choice for any demanding user.

Bering Optics Hogster Vibe 2-8x35mm Features

Superior for hogs and predator control at medium range distances

Switchable image polarity: White Hot / Black Hot / Red Hot / Colored Hot

Picture in Picture function 2X magnified image on the top of the display

 8 reticle patterns including 3 BDC reticles with 4 color options for each pattern

 Automatic shatter based thermal VOx core with Auto or Manual calibration

 Stradiametric Rangefinder function to estimate the distance to the targets of known size

 Manual control of the image sharpness and screen brightness

 Ability to save up to 4 groups of zeroing calibration data

 Option to power by rechargeable 3.7V rechargeable batteries

 A precise lens focusing mechanism

 5V DC external power supply option via a Type C USB port

 Blind Pixel repair option

 16Gb internal memory

 Built in internal recording function

 WiFi capable allows media recording to the mobile device (Super Hogster App is required)

 Quick Detach (QD) Picatinny mount


Optical Magnification, x 1.4x
Digital Multiplication, x 2x, 3x, 4x
Objective Lens System 25mmF/1.1
Angular FOV at 1.0x (horizontal x vertical), degree 14.9° x 11.2°
Eye Relief, mm 40
Focus Range, m 1 to infinity
Diopter Adjustment, D -5: +5
Reticle W/E Adjustment Value at a Distance of 100m (110yds) 1.34″/3.4cm increment per pxl
Core Resolution, pxl 384×288
Pixel Pitch, μm 17
Image Refresh Rate, Hz 50
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD), mK ≤ 40
Display Type and Resolution, pxl LCOS 1280 x 960
Start Up Time, min., sec. 20
Object Type and Size, approx., ft² / m² Hog 7.5 / 0.7

Coyote 5.5 / 0.5

Detection, approx., yds / m Hog 600 /550

Coyote 460 /420

Recognition, approx., yds / m Hog 225 /200

Coyote 160 /145

Dimensions with QD Mount, in / mm 7.0 x 2. 83 x 2.36 in.

(180 x 72 x 60 mm)

Weight w/out Batteries, approx., oz/g 16.44 oz


Power Supply 3V CR123 (two)

3.7V rechargeable 16650 (two)

5V Type C USB port

Estimated Battery Life with two Lithium 3V CR123, hour 4.0
Operating Temperature, typical, °F/°С 4° to +122°F

(-15° to +50°C)

Water Intrusion IP66
Humidity, % up to 98%

1 review for Bering Optics Hogster Vibe 2-8x35mm Ultra Compact Thermal Sight

  1. EHO

    Coolest optic I’ve ever owned or used. Got a deer with it. In low light, tracking with thermal was very helpful and I didn’t even consider that until in the moment. QD mount is VERY tight, and it can be adjusted. Pic rail attachment for battery pack is nice. I go back and forth using it. Saving multiple profiles for different rifles/calibers is super nice, and because the QD mount is so secure, the zeros do hold. I’ve tried it on three different rifles and they all were spot on after changing them around.

    When I sighted this in once, I used a handwarmer (hot-hands) at 100 yds and put three 6.5 creedmoor shots through it. Twas epic.

    I don’t believe Bering Optics does firmware updates, which I honestly prefer to not have to keep up with. I’ve not once had a firmware issue. You can record with this I believe, but I have not done so. Optical clarity is very good and the further I’ve gone is about 200 yds. I can ID and spot at that range ezpz, probably further too. Overall, this thing is friggin awesome. I love it. Tons of reticle and filter choices, both red/green.

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