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Down Range Systems E-Dope Card


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Down Range Systems E-Dope Card

The Down Range Systems E-Dope Card is an electronic screen used to clearly display valuable target data right at eye level. Utilizing E-Paper technology, the display is sunlight readable even at extreme angles. The display needs no battery, utilizing NFC technology from your Android device to update the display. The E-Dope display is ideal for fast-paced competition target shooting where multiple targets are to be engaged under time constraints. The display works with the E-Dope and Kestrel Ballistic Link Android applications that are free to download from the Google Play Store. Sunlight readable, e-Ink display that uploads the Kestrel shooting solutions from your LiNK ballistics app, then attaches to a gun mounted data board allowing shooters to engage multiple targets faster.


Dimensions  2.13″ x 3.37″ x 0.145″
Viewable screen size 2.9″
IP54 rated Dust and Water Resistant
Operating temp  -10°F to 130°F
Attachment Method Hook and Loop supplied


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