Foxpro Honey Pot Friction Turkey Call

The Foxpro Honey Pot Friction Turkey Call is a great addition to any serious turkey hunter’s arsenal. Foxpro Honey Pot is capable of superior sound quality, volume, and realism, The Honey Pot is made from Honey Locust wood, comes with a one piece Ipe wood striker, and is available in Crystal, Slate, and Copper calling surface options. It features a glass tone board underneath the calling surface. The Honey Pot is able to produce soft and subtle purrs, putts, and tree yelps, yet still offers incredible volume for cuts, clucks, and loud yelps to locate gobblers. The call also features sound ports on the back for increased volume and sound projection. The Honey Pot is proudly made in the USA.

Foxpro Honey Pot Friction Turkey Call Features

Makes high quality hen and turkey sound variations

Honey Locust wood pot

One piece Ipe striker

Available in Slate, Crystal, or Copper

Glass toneboard

Preconditioned calling surface (Crystal version)

Laser etched design on back of call

Sound ports on the back of the call for increased volume and sound projection

Proudly made in the USA


Dimensions Pot Call  3.75” diameter, 1” height
Dimensions Striker  7.5” in length
Weight 1 lbs
Sound Possibilities Variety of turkey sounds
Warranty Limited, 30 days

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Copper, Crystal, Slate


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