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Geissele Hi-Speed National Match Large Pin Trigger


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Geissele Hi-Speed National Match Large Pin Trigger

Hi-Speed National Match Triggers – Large Pin Series

The Geissele Hi-Speed National Match Large Pin Trigger is designed for competition to military use, where both precision and toughness are critical. The first and second stage weight distribution, as well as total pull weight, over travel and sear engagement are all to be tuned to the users preferences.

The Geissele Service Trigger

The Geissele Hi-Speed Service Rifle Trigger is created for NRA High Power Service Rifle competitions.  These competitions require military based weapons to meet specific criteria. One of which is a minimum trigger pull weight of 4.5 lbs. The Hi- Speed Trigger has Geissele’s 5-Coil trigger spring, this gives a nominal 4 lbs. on first stage. The pull weights are biased with most of the pull weight on the first stage, which allows for a light second stage, with a sharp break, effectively giving the user weapon a match grade trigger let-off.

The Geissele DMR Trigger

The Hi-Speed Trigger is created for tactical and military shooting where trigger pull weight is not regulate. Perfect for all precision tactical shooting and squad Designated Marksmen, the higher second stage weight helps in high stress shooting.


1st Stage 2nd Stage Total Weight
Service Rifle 3.2 – 5 lbs. 0.5 – 1.5 lbs. 4.5 lbs. Minimum
DMR 2.5 – 3.6 lbs. 0.5 – 1.5 lbs. 3.0 – 5.1 lbs.
Match Rifle 1.5 – 2.5 lbs. 6.0 – 14 oz. 1.9 – 3.4 lbs



Size 1990-2009 Colt Large Pin
Weapon Platform AR15/AR10
Intended Function National Match
Trigger Bow Type M4 Curved


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